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cost accounting formula


Application for Internal Audit of the Institute for the FY 2013-14

Sealed and two separate applications one for conducting Internal Audit of the Head Quarters at Kolkata and other for Delhi Office of the Institute are invited from Cost Accountants Firm having minimum

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Cost Inflation Index - 2013-14 - 939


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Expression of Interest sought from Chartered / Cost accountants for Service tax retainership

Uranium Corpn of India Ltd is a public sector Enterprise under Deptt of Atomic Energy engaged in mining processing of uranium ore for generating nuclear power UCIL is situated at Jaduguda mines 28 kms

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Exposure Draft: Defined Benefit Plans: Employee Contributions (Proposed amendments to IAS 19) (Last date for sending comments: June 20, 2013)

The International Accounting Standards Board IASB has published this Exposure Draft to set out the proposed amendments to IAS 19 Employee Benefits This Exposure Draft addresses the accounting for cont

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Exposure Draft: Regulatory Deferral Accounts-(Last date for sending comments: July 31, 2013)

The International Accounting Standards Board IASB published for public comment the Exposure Draft Regulatory Deferral Accounts as part of its reactivated Rate regulated Activities research project Man

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How to find variable cost?

Given Profit Rs 12000 Fixed Cost 24000 Margin of Safety 30000 Asked to findout new Break Even Point if selling price is reduced by 10 So to findout BEP we need variable cost Can someone tell me how to

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Accounting year

Billing pattern of a service agency is that service rendered for a month is billed on 1st of next month ie for the month of March 2012 it raised bill on 1st of April 2012 The agency follows mercantile

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Cost accountant foundation june 2013

Respected seniors Please guide me for ca foundation june 2013 exam As we all know that ca is first time introducing this mcq pattern so m tensed regarding that 1 What to study 2 How to study Also i ha

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Accounting technician course

Am registered for ipcc both group as well as in Accounting Technician Course ATC I have passed group 1 in November 2011 and even completed 1 year of said articleship training Can i claim my ATC certif

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Method of accounting

A Labour service agency raising bills for the service rendered in the month of March 2013 on 01 04 2013 The salary will be made before 10th and PF and ESI contribution are paid by end of April 2013 Th

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  • U.S. GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

    U S GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles A BASIC CONCEPT


  • Pivot Table Setting

    we can use pivot table value in formula as normal cell


  • Accounting Standard 2 - Concept Poster

    A visual concept poster for AS 2 in A3 format for printing sharing No copyright reserved Created by me


  • Combination,Vlookup & If formula in Excel

    Effective Usage of Combination and Vlookup and Logical formula for various condional file


  • Guidance note on Cost of Utilities (CAS 8)

    Source ICWAI launches CAS 8


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Query on basic accounting

Whether Provision for Dividend account appears on Liability Side only when there is Profit Loss A c Credit Balance Please guide me

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Applicability of accounting standards for construction compn

can anyone explain me what Accounting standards applicable for constucion companies

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Construction cost as per revised gn on real estate

Hi Can any one tell me construction cost to be considered in calculating the condition of 25 of the construction cost to be incurred in revenue recognition of real estate transaction in the case of Jo

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Accounting entry for sale in transit (e-1) by trader

What will be the accounting entry for purchase and sale including Excise adjustment under E 1 sale by the trader who sold the goods while it was in transit If registered then entry by First Stage Deal

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Accounting of eefc (us$) and inr current account

Dear Experts My company is receiving US in its EEFC account against sales however all the expenses in INR Now as expenses occurred company converts US in INR and transfer to its INR current account fo

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5 Excel Formulas for MIS Reporting

CASE STUDY 1 Converting text written in lower case to first letter capitalized case CASE STUDY 2 Converting text written in mixed case to upper case CASE STUDY 3 Removing extra unwanted spaces from th

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Capitalization of Borrowing Cost

In this competition market mostly business work on borrowed funds Finance has the work to arrange and utilize the funds But after this Q is raised when this borrowing cost will be capitalized and when

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Analysis of Benefit through Press Release on ECB with accounting treatment under Para 46 / 46A of AS 11

Press Release on ECB and Benefit Analysis of accounting treatment under Para 46 46A of AS 11 Forex accounting treatments are covered under various Accounting Standard AS like AS 10 AS 11 AS 16 etc To

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Some Excel Formulas - Part 2

Case Study Cleaning database Deleting the errors Application area Final Documentation Reporting Solution Go To Special Formulas with errors Example Step 1 Select entire data set using Ctrl A Press Ctr

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Some excel formulas

Case Study 1 Compute 7thof next month Application area Computing due dates of statutory payments based on invoice dates Used to check whether payment has been made on or before due date Solution EOMON

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