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compulsory convertible preference shares


Final withholding Tax Levied at the Rate of 20 Per Cent

The Finance Bill 2013 14 proposes levy of Final Withholding Tax at the rate of 20 per cent on profits distributed by unlisted companies to shareholders through buy back of shares Presenting the Union

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Relaxation from compulsory e-filing of return of income for assessment year 2012-13

Relaxation from compulsory e filing of return of income for assessment year 2012 13 for representative assesses of non residents and in the case of private discretionary trusts reg Rule 12 of the Inco

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CBDT Issues Notification Making E-Filing of Income Tax Returns Mandatory

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has issued a notification S O 626 E dated 28th March 2012 vide which e Filing has been made compulsory for Assessment Year 2012 13 onwards for an individual or a Hin

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Applicability of SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011 for CS June, 2012 Exams

Applicability of SEBI Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers Regulations 2011 SEBI vide its Notification No LAD NRO GN 2011 12 24 30181 dated September 23 2011 notified the New SEBI Substanti

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Turnover Limit for Compulsory Tax Audit Raised to Rs. One Crore

Measures Proposed for Skill Development and Augmenting Funds for SMEs Turnover Limit for Compulsory Tax Audit Raised to Rs One Crore In order to augment funds for SMEs Small and Medium Enterprises the

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Valuation of shares

cost of shares 500000 current investment Market value of such shares 200000 current investment What will be the treatment of such downfall in the value of shares in books of accounts and income tax pl

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Compulsory to do articleship after cs

Hey Guys Firstly to introduce myself My name is Upasana and I am an MBA Finance graduate I am working as a Currency Trader for about 2yrs I was wanting to do CS But is it compulsory for me to do Artic

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Compulsory cs exe new syllabus

i have my old registration 2010 do i have to appeer in dec 2013 xm on new syllabus i have the old study metarials and there is a new subject added that is AUDIT how do i prepare on this plz help

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Issue of unsecured convertible debentures

whether the Public company can issue the Unsecured Convertible Debentures If yes whether the company shall Convert it into the Shares or it can be Redeemed by the company Is there any violation of Com

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Buy back of shares

Hi all Ihave beenassigned a task to draft various documents required to comply with provisions relatedto buy back of shares of a private company Can anyone provide me format for letter of offer to be

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  • MOA and AOA in Word Format

    Private Company Limited by Shares


  • SEBI (Issue & Listing of NCRPS) Regulations, 2013



  • FC-GPR and FC-TRS forms revised by RBI

    RBI circular dated 12 6 2013 revising forms FC GPR for reporting of FDI and FC TRS for transfer of shares is attached


  • Comprehensive guidelines on Offer For Sale (OFS)

    This file contain Comprehensive guidelines on Offer For Sale OFS of Shares by Promoters through the Stock Exchange Mechanism


  • Valuation of Shares ... A perfect Presentation

    Valuation of Shares


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Conversion of preference shares into equity shares

Can anyone please provide compliances to be made pursuant to conversion of preference shares to equity shares Please treat it as urgent

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Disbursement of shares held by esos trust to its promoters

As per SEBI s recent circular ESOS Trust of the company cannot hold shares of company the question is whether promoters of the company can purchase these shares from the TRUST

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Issue of compulsory convertible debentures to non resident

Sir please Guide me What is the step by step procedure for issue of Compulsory Convertible debentures to non Resident By a private company I know the FEMA and Companies Act provisions regarding this w

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Compulsory convertible debentures

what is the procedure to issue Compulsory Convertible Debentures in a private company

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Transfer of shares in a unlisted private ltd company

A Private Ltd Co unlisted company has two directors cum members they want to transfer their shares to the incoming new directors Following are the queries 1 Form 7B needs to be filled for transfer of

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Buy Back of Shares: Bye Bye Mauritius

Mauritius is always a favourite among tourists across the world However Mauritius is also famous among worldwide investors for their tax friendly environment As per an estimate 40 of portfolio inflows

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Procedural Checklist for effecting transfer of shares of the Company

INTRODUCTION The word transfer is an act of the parties by which title to property is transferred from one person to another Under Section 82 of the Companies Act 1956 the shares of any member in the

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Note on Sale of Shares held by promoters through the secondary market

INTRODUCTION The Rule 19 2 and Rule 19A of the Securities Contracts Regulation Rules 1957 deal with the maintaining minimum public shareholding of 25 The Ministry of Finance has notified the Securitie

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Stamp duty on transfer of shares

Introduction As per Indian Stamp Act 1899 Stamp duty is payable on instruments and an instrument has been defined as any document by which any right or liability is created or purported to be created

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Compulsory Convertible Instruments under Revised Schedule VI

A Facts of the case Indian Entities have issued Foreign Currency Compulsory Convertible Bonds Compulsory convertible debentures How should the same be classified under revised Schedule VI B Revised Sc

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