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compulsory convertible preference shares


Declaration of Assets & Liabilities in the new ITR forms

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT have released new income tax return formswith mandatory provisions of declaring Assets Liabilities AL such as cars jewellery yacht aircrafts shares properties etc Prior to Assessment Year A Y 2015 16 the Asset Liability Schedule AL schedule was applicable to filers

Income arising from unlisted shares taxable under capital gains

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 5th May 2016 Subject Taxability of Income Loss arising from Transfer of Unlisted Shares reg CBDT vide order dated 2nd May 2016 has given direction to field formation with a view to avoid disputes Li

Enrolment with ICAI is compulsory to use CA as designation

As per the provisions of Section 24 of Chartered Accountants Act the designationChartered Accountantis only possible to be used by a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India It has been observed that some of the final qualified students have not yet enrolled themselves as member of

Bombay HC rules in favour of Vodafone

The Petitioner Vodafone India Services Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of a non resident company Vodafone Tele Services India Holdings Limited the holding company In AY 2009 10 the Petitioner issued equity shares on a premium to its holding company for its telecommunication services in India wh

Criteria for manual selection of scrutiny cases

InstructionNo 6 2014 Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes North Block IT A II Division New Delhi the2nd of September 2014 Subject Compulsory manual selection of cases for scrutiny during the Financial Year 2014 15 regd In supersession of earlier

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How to working of shares & mutual fund , bonds ?

Dear Sir What is the simple working format for Shares Mutual Fund Bonds Income tax purpose which is taxable which is not taxable

Garment retailer Packaging license compulsory?

Hi Wanted to know if it is mandatory for garment retailer or reseller in Delhi to apply for packing license if he she sells at his own brand store Any help would be much appreciated regarding metrology rules PCR 2011

Splitting of face value of shares

dear all How to split the share of Rs 10 to Rs 5 in private company please share procedure form MGT 14 form SH 7 required to be filed in this case

Optionally convertible preference shares

can a company issue optionally convertible preference shares as per companies act 2013 urgent Thanks

Conversion of equity share into preference share

Whether conversion of equity share into Preference share permissible under companies act 2013 If it is Possible then what would be tax treatment if Company convert the equity share into preference share and redeemed after 2 years from conversion


Stamp duty on issue compulsory convertible preferenceshares

Hey Iwant to know is there any stamp duty to bepaid on issue of pref shares by pvt ltd company to foreigen investors I want to know about stamp duty in Delhi NCR and maharastra and in karnataka

Transmission of shares

Hiwhen a shareholder expires with a nomination for shares held inprivate limitedand few public limited companieswho will be the owners for the shares the nominated person or the legal heirs of the shareholder

How to account the value of the transferred shares

Dear Experts Peers I am an NRI and I have been transferred some of the shares I bought from the secondary market listed in BSE NSE from my DP a c NRE PIS a c to my wifes DP a c How could I assign the value of these shares while considering my wifes ITReturn I mean some of the have been sold out from

Dividend received on shares taxable or not

I had received dividend from listed companies in Fy 2015 16 Is itmydividend amount taxable or not

Taxability for shareholders upon sharres-for-shares merger

In October Google merged into alphabet Both foreign companies Resident Indian shareholders ex Google employees have their shares appearing as alphabet shares now I have come to know that this transaction is taxable for such employees Can anyone please explain with relevant sections from income tax a

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Allotment of shares to Foreign Investor (FDI)

A Time period for Issue of Certificate The capital instruments should be issued within 180 days from the date of receipt of the inward remittance received through normal banking channels including escrow account opened and maintained for the purpose or by debit to the NRE FCNR B account of the non r

PAN-IC! PAN compulsory on all Sales or Purchase of goods or services above Rs 2 Lac

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna from 1st January 2016 onwards PAN is required to bequoted in sale or purchase transaction exceeding Rs 2 lakh Which is this hidden income tax provision Krishna Fictional Character Arjuna Income tax Department has mentioned in rules when a person is required to obta

Bonus shares - A shareholder's delight

1 Introduction One thing which every shareholder across various Companies would dream for is receipt of Bonus shares The word Bonus has a very positive connotation implying something extra orsome gains at no cost Issue of bonus shares is the most popular way by which companies like to utilize their

Surplus on sale of shares and securities- Capital Gains or Business Income

Issue of taxability of surplus on sale of shares and securities Capital Gains or Business Income Instructions in order to reduce litigation reg 1 Sub section 14 of Section 2 of the Income tax Act 1961 Act defines the term capital asset to include property of any kind held by an assessee whether or n

Checklist and Procedure for Allotment of Shares for FDI in India

This is a checklist of documents and procedure required to allot foreign shares to an Indian company after receiving FDI in India complied and arranged from internet only updated upto March 03 2016 Procedure of FDI in India under Automatic Route Steps Particulars Details Time Limits If Any Steps to

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