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Withdrawal of five Guidance Notes on Accounting

The Council at its Special 347th meeting held on October 14 2015 has decided to withdraw the following five Guidance Notes on Accounting as the same are no longer relevant in the present day context i

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Amendment in MAT provisions for foreign company

Government Decides to Amend Income Tax Act 1961 so that with Effect from 1st April 2001 the Provisions of Section 115JB Shall Not be Applicable to a Foreign Company If the Foreign Company is a Residen

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Last date for payment of annual COP fees of CS

LAST DATE FOR PAYMENT OF ANNUAL CERTIFICATE OF PRACTICE FEE FOR THE YEAR 2015 16 Practising Company Secretaries may note that the annual certificate of practice fee of Rs 1000 for the year 2015 16 bec

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Revised reading material relevant for CA Final Nov 2015 exam

Important Announcement Attention Final Course students November 2015 examinations Subject Revised Reading Material on the Insurance Act 1938 incorporating Insurance Laws Amendment Act 2015 Relevant fo

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Clarification on sec 464 of the Co Act, 2013 for IPC exam

Clarification on section 464 of the Companies Act 2013 in Paper No 2 Business Law Ethics and Communication at Intermediate IPC Level The students are hereby informed that according to section 464 1 of

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Disclosure of change of name of a private company.

Hello all Good Morning What is the disclosure requirements for change of name of a private company Correct me if iam wrong 1 In boards report Change of Name With the approval of the board at the EGm h

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How Prepration self study of CA IPCC Exam in 3 Months

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Payment to a u.k. company for know how transfer

Wish to introduce a product in local market based on Technology transfer and Tech support by a foreign company with proper agreement and remittance to be sent on sharing of profit of the product sales

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hello i have incorporated a company kindly guide me regarding the further procedure for appointment of auditors and allotment of share certificate and how should i go about it please reply

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Bonus ( in company)

Please specify the bonus period for the year 2015 and how it would be accounted in accounts

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Ipcc itsm in easy way

Dear Students we have developed unique notes to revise complete syllabus of ITSM in a day before exams You can see chapter 1 kunalsir in and buy all notes kunalsir in cart

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Allotment of shares by private company

Dear Friends Please let me know whether a company can allot shares against unsecured loans taken from related parties Also can the shares be allotted at face value or it should be allotted at premium

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Law on external accountant

My Gross Annual Revenue from my online server business is over 20 lakhs I enjoy to doall accounts by myself Is there any law in India that a Propritorship firm or Pvt Ltd should have mandatory Externa

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Time Table of CA Final and IPCC Nov 15

CA IPC Exam Date Sheet for Nov 2015 Date Nov 2015 Exam Group 2nd Nov Accounting Group I 4th Nov Business Law Ethics Communications 6th Nov Cost Accounting Financial Management 8th Nov Taxation 10th No

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Questions paper for CA IPCC Exam Nov 2015

Previous Years Question Papers CA IPCC Question Papers May 2015 CA IPCC Question Papers Nov 2014 CA IPCC Question Papers May 2014 CA IPCC Question Papers Nov 2013 CA IPCC Question Papers May 2013 CA I

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  • IPCC IT Test papers

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  • CPT - Bills of exchange notes

    It contains conceptual problems in Bills of exchange and questions are set in order to give complete knowledge about this chapter


  • Registration of document act for CS executive

    very easy languages good notes to learn law


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Conversion of Private Limited Company to LLP

Very often it is asked what is justification of having a private limited company Small promoters and entrepreneurs asks questions like why to pay dividend distribution tax why there is restriction on

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Must read Case Laws for Professionals & Students- Part 2

The difference between an employed person and professional is far and wide A person in normal employment may have a lax attitude towards the updates in the society but professionals can and should nev

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Divergence in Laws: Haryana VS Rajasthan VAT

The Indian VAT laws have continuously gone under several changes since their introduction The need for incessant evolvement is fundamental for growth and development and our tax department has taken w

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Promoters of the company

Among many of the subject matter under Companies Act 2013 one of the most heated and topic of endless discussion is Promoters The Concept of promoters has been newly inserted and defined under Compani

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How to score the maximum marks in PCC/IPCC Accounting Exam?

Dear Students As you are less than one month away from the CA IPCC exams this is a good time to know some handy tips to keep you fully prepared and get that extra an edge over your paper I scored an 8

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