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Budget session concludes - Over a dozen reform Bills passed

Budget session concludes Session productive says Minister Shri M A Naqvi Governments outreach to opposition resulting in better functioning of Parliament says Minister Sittings of Parliament and Bills

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Non filing of ITRV for earlier years

Circular No 13 2016 Verification of tax returns for Assessment Years 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 2014 and 2014 2015 through EVC which are pending due to non filing of ITR V Form and p

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Lok Sabha passes the Finance Bill,2016

Lok Sabha passes the Finance Bill 2016 Please refer to the attached file for details

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Road Map for implementation of Indian Accounting Standards

The Road Map for implementation of Indian Accounting Standards Ind AS for commercial Banks Banks Insurance Companies Insurers and Non Banking Financial Companies NBFCs was announced on 18 01 2016 and

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Applicability of Accounting Standards amended by MCA

Applicability of Accounting Standards amended by MCA vide Notification dated March 30 2016 1 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India vide Notification No G S R 739 E dated 7th December 2

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Import bills for collection & import letter of crfedit

In international transaction what is the difference between Import bils for collection and import letter of credit Please also explain what is bills lodged under LC Does it have any relation with impo

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Service tax credit on installation & commission bill

Dear Expert Please advise our service engineering make invoice consulting charges Rs 1000 charges for travel stay and other incidental expenses Rs 500 he paid service tax on Rs 1500 weather we avail s

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Bill issuance

There are 2 co x and Y X gives Hazardous goods to Y and Y convert that Hazardous good to Normal and sells to Other party now Y receives money from X for receiving Hazardous goods now Y wants to issue

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section 124 and 125 of companies Act, 2013

Does sec 124 and 125 of companies Act 2013 had been notified till 31 03 2016 or not plz can you recommend me the source where I can find list of up to date sections of the above mention act which are

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Uploading of subsidiary companies financials in website

I just need a help with respect to uploading of subsidiary company s financials in the website of Parent company as required under section 136 1 of the companies act 2013 Whether its mandatory or not

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Companies act 1956

What is the procedure for sale of company owned assets under the Companies Act 1956 Wat are the restrctions on Directors Board on selling of Company Assets

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Filing of return for the fy 2013-14

If I received notice from the income tax department for non filing of return for the financial year 2013 14 Can i file ITR directly from the income tax website under e filing link

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Companies act

Do directors need to subscribe the shares of the company If so under what provisions of the Companies Act the same is covered

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Kkc on old bills

Is KKC applicable on Taxable invoice outstanding as on 31st May 2016 An outstanding Invoice dated 31st Jan 2016 is also applicable for KKC

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Accounts of subsidiary companies

Section 136 1 of the companies Act 2013 provides that every company having a subsidiary or subsidiaries shall a place separate audited accounts in respect of each of its subsidiary on its website if a

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  • Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2016

    Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Amendment Rules 2016


  • Revised Schedule III in excel

    format of financial statements of a company required to comply IND AS


  • Statutory Registers for the Year of 2015-16

    Please find attached herewith STATUTORY REGISTERS for the financial year ended on 2015 16 are as follows as per latest Amendments Pursuant to section 88 1 a of the Companies Act 2013 and rule 3 1 of the Companies Management and Administration Rules 2014 1 Index of Member 2 Register of Share Holder 3 Register of Allotment 4 Register of Member 5 Register of Share Transfer 6 Register of Directors and KMP Share holdings 7 Register of Director and KMP Kindly print this register on your side these registers is for your records Thanks Regards Meetesh Shiroya


  • Highlights of Companies Amendment Bill 2016

    Changes in section of Companies Act 2013 after amendment bill 2016


  • SCPL- Scaling Innovation

    Why there are only 1800 companies availing R D tax benefits in India Avail 200 tax benefit for your R D after approval from DSIR


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Incorporation of Company as per the Companies Act, 2013

At the outset basically the details of the Director s and subscriber s are required for the incorporation of the Company However the steps for the incorporation of a company as per the Companies Act 2

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Applicability of companies act, 2013 based on limits

Sr No Provision under Companies Act 2013 Applicability of Provision Non Applicability of provision 1 XBRL General Circular No 16 2012 Dated 06 07 2014 a All companies LISTED with any Stock Exchange s

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How GST will be helpful to companies & General Impact of GST

How GST will be helpful to companies Indias Economy GST will be helpful to eliminate the taxation problem at the root level and give a big boost to the e commerce sector that is still at a crescent st

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Cost sharing by companies and service tax

Background A group company could procure resources such as server space software licenses office space and various other facilities from vendors When a company say Co Aof Karnataka procures such resou

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Finance Bill, 2016 enacted: Significant changes in Service Tax effective from June 1, 2016

The Honble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget for 2016 17 on February 29 2016 in the Lok Sabha On May 5 2016 the Lok Sabha passed the Finance Bill 2016 and later on May 11 2

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