challan for payment of dividend distribution tax


Clarification regarding Notices of defective returns issued to FII/FPIs

Notices of defective returns were issued under Section 139 9 of the Income tax Act to Foreign Institutional Investors Foreign Portfolio Investors FIIs FPIs in cases where Balance Sheet and PL account

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New facility of pre-filling TDS data while submitting online rectification

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has simplified the process of online rectification of incorrect TDS details filed in the Income Tax Return Taxpayers were required to fill in complete details of the

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Refund pending below Rs 50000 to be expedited

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT issues directions for expediting pending refunds below Rs 50 000 for Assessment Year s 2013 14 and 2014 15 in all cases except those selected for scrutiny The Income

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Extension of tax compliance dates in Tamil Nadu

For all Central Excise and Service Tax assessees in the State of Tamil Nadu the date for payment of Central Excise duty and Service Tax for November 2015 is extended to 20th December 2015 while date o

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IT deduction from salaries during FY 2015-16

CIRCULAR NO 20 2015 F No 275 192 2015 IT B Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes North Block New Delhi Dated the 2nd December 2015 SUBJECT INCOME

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Credit of service tax


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Service tax on stitching and installation of curtains

Mr X is selling curtain cloth he is tranferring that cloth to his sister concern for stitching after getting stitching work completed Mr X receives back the cloth and the curtain is installed by Mr X

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How to prepare tax?

how we prepare tax of ipcc

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Rate of service tax

what is revised rate of service tax on work contract

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Input service tax

Dear All Can I take input of service tax which I have paid on telephone land line of office bill If yes then how to pass the entry for the same in tally Thanks in advance Please ignore any grammatical

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Query on income tax refund

Whom should I contact for further income tax refund related queries If you need any query related to processing of income tax return or refund you may contact CPC Customer service 1800 425 2229 Before

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Professional tax registration for newly formed pvt ltd co.

Is it mandatory for newly formed Private Limited Company in Pune to register for Professional Tax which includes PT registeration for company PT registration for 2 Directors PT Registration for Employ

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Service tax

Sir I purchased a under construction house in Dec Last year I am getting possession if it this month The builder is charging service tax of 14 on the security deposit He is taking the cheque in name o

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Sec. 87a of income tax act 1961

Section 87A was introduced in Finance Act 2013 by Honorable Finance Minister P Chidambaram This was applicable from 01 04 2013 for A Y 2014 15 87A An assessee being an individual resident in India who

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Partner's salary - income tax computation of a firm

Dear Experts Request to guide me to solve the issue My client a partnership firm reported loss for the FY 2014 15 Say Rs 50000 They have considered salary for partner which is more than the loss repro

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  • Calculation of POT with SBC

    It calculates the rate of service tax including SBC you need to just enter three dates i e date of completion of service date of payment and date of invoice


  • TDS Due dates and penalties

    Tds Due Dates of payment and filings consequences for non filing


  • Report on Revenue Neutral Rate and Structure of GST Rates

    Report of Committee appointed by the govt ahead of possible implementation of GST to recommend possible tax rates under GST that would be consistent with the present level of revenue collection of Centre and States


  • Ancillary services by Goods Transport Agency

    Ancillary services by Goods Transport Agency now not required to be segregated into parts for the purpose of Service Tax


  • Goods & Services Tax:A Dream of NDA Government (1st Edition)

    This Publication aims to educate the stakeholders about recent efforts of NDA Government to implement the biggest tax reform in the country and to introduce with the issues faced by the government in pushing the constitutional amendment through the upper house of the parliament The government wants to implement GST from April 1 2016 The goods and services tax GST Constitution amendment Bill is likely to be listed for discussion in the Rajya Sabha not before December 14 which would leave the government with eight days of the winter session to get the key tax reform passed by the Upper House and subsequently the amended Bill by the Lok Sabha before the session ends on December 23 Central ministers said they haven t lost hope about the GST Bill being passed in the ongoing session despite no clear indications emerging from the Congress leadership particularly from Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi The Congress has conveyed to the government that while it had agreed that the Rajya Sabha s Business Advisory Committee allocate four hours for a discussion on the Bill the Bill should only be listed in the day s business after the Upper House discusses other issues of urgent public importance especially the drought situation in large parts of the country and the price rise Congress sources maintain the party wants the government to resume threadbare discussions on all stated conditions While 1 inter state tax is being junked there are still hectic bargain on two other conditions of capping GST rate at 18 and framing independent dispute settlement body A government panel last week suggested a standard goods and services tax GST rate of 17 per cent 18 per cent which raised the chances of a consensus on the landmark tax reforms bill to get through in the ongoing session Let s watch out how NDA Government moves further under the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister Sh Narender Modi consistent efforts made by our Honorable Finance Minister Sh Arun Jaitley Best Regards SAURABH CHHABRA Freelance Tax Professional Please write to me at casaurabhchhabra gmail com or WhatsApp me at 91 7838781966 for suggestions Further you can also connect with me at LinkedIn https in linkedin com in saurabh chhabra 611b5b46 Twitter Charteredfriend Blog www taxopinions wordpress com Facebook profile https www facebook com saurabh chhabra 908 Facebook Page GST https www facebook com Goods and services tax 888621187918668


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Changes introduced by Delhi value added tax (third amendment) act, 2015

Delhi Government introduced the Delhi Value Added Tax Third Amendment Bill2015in the Delhi Legislative Assembly on 4th December 2015 and passed it on the same day 1 SHORT TITLE EXTENT AND COMMENCEMENT

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Software - A tussle between VAT and Service Tax

In the current high tech era information technology has become an indispensable part of our life India being an IT hub this fast growing industry is a major source of revenue Hence it becomes vital to

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Goods & Service Tax - An overview

The Goods and Services Tax has frequently been in the news for the last one year or so ever since the new Government has come to power It is worthwhile noting that introduction of GST as it is referre

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How Indian Model of GST would be a Destination Based Taxation

Understanding Goods and ServiceTax 2 Concept of Origin and Destination Based Taxation and how Indian Model of GST would be a Destination Based Taxation The fact that GST is destination based taxation

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Service tax on export of service

Export the goods and not the taxes is the common line that we hear this statement is also valid in Finance Act 1994 for export of service However Rules framed under Finance Act 1994 have defined the t

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