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Carry Forward of unavailed Cenvat Credit for natural resources

Carry Forward of unavailed Cenvat Credit in respect of assignment of right to use any natural resource under GST Cenvat Credit Rules amended so as to provide that Cenvat credit in respect of such services which remains unavailed on the day immediately preceding the appointed day may be availed of in

Disclosure of specified bank notes in auditor's report

Regarding disclosure requirement and reporting requirement in the Auditors Report that the company has provided requisite disclosures in its financial statements as to holdings as well as dealings in Specified Bank Notes during the period from 8th November 2016 to 30th December 2016 We would like to

Govt to conduct trials with plastic banknotes

Government to conduct field trial with plastic banknotes at five locations of the country Approval for procurement of plastic substrate and printing of bank notes of Rs 10 denomination on plastic banknote substrates conveyed to RBI It has been decided to conduct a field trial with plastic banknotes

FM Arun Jaitley presents the Economic Survey 2016-17

Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley Presented Economic Survey 2016 17 in the Parliament today Economic Survey says economic growth to return to normal as new currency notes in required quantities come back into circulation and follow up action on demonetisation is taken The CPI based core inflation r

Old notes returned figures might change says RBI

Clarification regarding Specified Bank Notes SBNs There had been various estimates on SBNs tendered in certain sections We would like to clarify that the periodical SBN figures released by us were based on aggregation of accounting entries done at the large no of Currency Chests all over the country

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Cenvat claim in gstr 3b

As TRAN 1 2 are still not active on GSTN Portal how shall CENVAT Claim for previous period shall be treated while filing GSTR 3B

Cenvat credit balances

We carried forward balance Rs1 30 lacs whether we claim 3b are after transactional form submission or after showing in cash ledger Pl ckarify

Availability of cenvat credit on stock under gst

Which dealer can get Cenvat credit of Excise Tax under GST on stock as on 01 07 2017

Cenvat credit

Whether cenvat credit of balance 50 on capital goods will be available under gst In same year

Closing balance of cenvat credit

Do we need to file a separate form to Carry Forward the CENVAT credit on account of Service Tax in GST Tran 1 and 2 forms are for CENVAT Credit of Closing Stock What is the corresponding Form for CENVAT Credit of Service Tax


require ipcc audit notes

can anybody give me ipcc audit notes for nov2017 please


My client having modvat 3lac RS so how to adgest it in gst


if somebody could share I T S M notes ot would be a great help at club india yahoo com

Service Tax balance cenvat credit

How do I claim credit of cenvat credit in GSTR 3B


Gst TRAN 1 will not reflect on portalGST3b last date 20 8 17pls clarify

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Stock in hand under GST - Treatment of Cenvat Credit and VAT Credit

Stock in hand under GST Transitional Provisions related to Stock in hand under GST While understanding the transitional provisions under GST a repeated and imminent query which we are faced with is the treatment of CENVAT and VAT Credit in respect of stock held on 30th June 2017 which will be sold p

Carry forward of Cenvat credit on goods held in stock on appointed day

How to carry forward Cenvat Input Vat Entry tax on goods held in stock on an appointed day by existing registered Assessee to GST in 10 points 1 A registered person other than a person opting to pay tax under composition scheme shall be entitled to take credit in his electronic credit ledger the amo

Transitional Provisions relating to Credit of unavailed Cenvat credit in capital goods

As per section 140 2 of the GST Act company shall be allowed to carry forward the unavailed CENVAT credit on capital goods not carried forward in return for the period immediately preceding the appointed date The credit on capital goods shall be allowed only when it is allowable under existing law a

Cenvat credit on deposits insurance - Banks v/s Departments

Introduction Banks are registered under service tax in the category of Banking and Financial Services They collect and pay service tax on its various incomes such as commissions bank charges documentation charges processing fees etc levied on its customers However one of the major revenue earned by

Audit Amendments Notes for May 2017 Exams

CA IPC Audit Amendments May 2017 Amendments Company Audit I Sec 139 to Sec 148 1 Sec 139 Rotation of Auditor Old Provision Provided also that every company existing on or before the commencement of this Act which is required to comply with the provisions of this sub section shall comply with the req

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