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Inviting comments on the draft of the new CA course

Sub Inviting public comments on the draft of the proposed syllabus under the Revised Scheme of Education and Training which has been notified for public comments The draft amendments in the Chartered

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At 7.6% GDP growth India is the fastest growing large economy

India continues to remain a bright spot in world economy with robust macro economic and fiscal parameters Together with GDP growth of 7 9 in Q 4 of 2015 16 and 7 6 in the whole of 2015 16 The Provisio

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CBDT- E-filing of appeals extension of time limit

CBDT E filing of appeals Extension of time limit PFA the enclosed attachment to view in PDF form

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Accounting code for payment of Krishi Kalyan Cess

Circular No 194 04 2016 ST F No 354 31 2016 TRU Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Tax Research Unit To Principal Chief Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise All Princ

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Preparation of Panel of CA and Firms having experience for Forensic Auditing

Central Bureau of Investigation CBI has sought the help of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for investigation of important Forensic Audit assignments Chartered Accountants firms having

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Ca ipcc a&a

Friends I want to buy padhuka s auditing book for ipcc Before that i want to clear my doubts Are the standards of auditing covered in this single book or is there any book published by padhuka that ha

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Accounting Book

Best Accounting book of self study in ipcc group 1

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Inter company accounts

can i have the link or any notes on maintaining Reserve cocept on inter company accounts payables and receivables to apply practically

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Accounting treatment

An Air conditioner A c distributor sells an A c to its customer in exchange of their old A c by giving them discount of 3k this old A c s are sold scrapped 4k or 5K so how the transaction to be record

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Nro and nre accounts

sir please tell me differences between the NRO and NRE accounts

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Amount withdrawn from huf bank account

HiI am a member of huf Ihad withdrawn9 lakhs cash from our hufbank account and taken as gift I had deposited in my personal bank account for some loan payment I would like to know if any tax is charge

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Tax on accrued fd interest

Hi I hold some cumulative interest fixed deposits with SBI The interest accrued over a period of three years I calculated and reported the interest in my tax return every year However even though the

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Allowability of expenses over and above limits under 35d

Hi My client has got company incorporated on January 5 2016 The share capital is Rs 100 000 They have incurred Rs17 500 as preliminary expenseswithin the meaning defiend under secition 35 D However to

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Tds to be deduct after limit exceed or before?..

If we deduct TDS after limit exceed is there is any interest for delay of TDS payment Example IfApril month paid Rs 10000 professional fees to XYZ but not deduct TDS because limit does not exceed Rs 3

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Any changes in ipcc syllabus for may 2017 exam?

I got myself registered for ipcc examination in may 2016 And my first attempt is in may 2017 I wanted to know that is there any change in the syllabus that I m going to face Please help me I m really

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  • IND AS12-Income Taxes

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting treatment for income taxes The principal issue in accounting for income taxes is how to account for the current and future tax consequences of a the future recovery settlement of the carrying amount of assets liabilities that are recognised in an entity s balance sheet and b transactions and other events of the current period that are recognised in an entity s financial statements


  • IND AS16-Property, Plant and Equipment

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting treatment for property plant and equipment so that users of the financial statements can discern information about an entity s investment in its property plant and equipment and the changes in such investment The principal issues in accounting for property plant and equipment are the recognition of the assets the determination of their carrying amounts and the depreciation charges and impairment losses to be recognised in relation to them


  • IAS 17 Lease

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe for lessees and lessors the appropriate accounting policies and disclosure to apply in relation to leases


  • Analysis of Amendment in India Maurititius treaty

    India and Mauritius have entered into a limited revision in the tax treaty


  • IND AS 2-Inventories

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting treatment for inventories A primary issue in accounting for inventories is the amount of cost to be recognised as an asset and carried forward until the related revenues are recognised This Standard deals with the determination of cost and its subsequent recognition as an expense including any write down to net realisable value It also provides guidance on the cost formulas that are used to assign costs to inventories http praveentawania com file details php title IND 20AS 202 Inventories


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Applicability of companies act, 2013 based on limits

Sr No Provision under Companies Act 2013 Applicability of Provision Non Applicability of provision 1 XBRL General Circular No 16 2012 Dated 06 07 2014 a All companies LISTED with any Stock Exchange s

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Practical Guide to Consolidation of Accounts

The more you learn you learn that you still have lot to learn Did you know Before Companies Act 2013 only listed company was required to do Consolidation AS 21 says that if a company is required to do

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Civil Services as a Career for Young Chartered Accountants

TheCivil Servicesis the permanentbureaucracyof theGovernment of India The civil service system is the backbone of the administrative machinery of the nation Civil Services offer an attractive and chal

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Limitation in case of recovery of interest on delayed payment of central excise duty

The judicial precedent always plays vital role to clarify the law particularly when statute is not clear cut in regard to any issue There is the same situation in the case of demand of interest on del

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Meeting compliance of private limited company

Introduction All about Private Limited Company Definition Meetings Business to be transacted Form Filing Time Frames Documentation Process and Procedures Checklist for bare minimum compliance Act and

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