CARO report format


Now quote PAN if cash payment is made above 2 lac

The Government is committed to curbing the circulation of black money and widening of tax base To collect information of certain types of transactions from third parties in a non intrusive manner the

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Cabinet approves Real Estate Bill, 2015

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the Real Estate Regulation and Development Bill 2015 as reported by the Select Committee of Rajya Sabha The Bill will no

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Non application of AS 30,31,32 in CA final exam

Announcement regarding Non application of AS 30 AS 31 and AS 32 in the Final Course Paper 1 Financial Reporting The entire IAS 39 Financial Instruments Recognition and Measurement on which AS 30 Finan

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Summary of the Recommendations of the Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee

Following is the Summary of the Recommendations of the Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee BLRC The Report of the BLRC is in two parts i Rationale and Design Recommendations ii A comprehensive draft Inso

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Valuation goof cost many CA qualification : ICAI responds to TOI news

Response to the Item Valuation goof costs many CA qualification in the Times of India Chennai edition of October 6 2015 News reports have appeared in certain section of the Press alleging poor quality

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Can anyone share due diligence report format

dear sir madam can anyone share due diligence report format for PNB bank business loan

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Format of board resolution of comp.register under msme

can any one tell me the format of board resolution for company register under msme

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Revised internal audit report

Dear sir we are the internal auditor of a co we report every month internal audit report to the co but as per statutory audit some changes b w the internal audit and staturory audt so now they demand

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Service agreement format for export of service web based

Pls provide a sample copy for the subject mentioned above

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Project report

Please Send me sample of Project Report of Trading Concern Wholesaler of grain for bank loan purpose

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US Securities Law Part - 1: Reporting Entities(Under US Laws) & Foreign Private Issuers

In the era of globalisation the companies are increasing tapping global equity markets So it is equally important to understandregulatory framework of other global economies too It would also give ano

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Help for project report

I want a project report on tea factory Need help regarding financial projections made therein

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Isca by icai in ppt format

please download the ppt zipped from Bos knowledge portal I am not able to download the zip file Plz also upload the same for other CA finalist and also inform me

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Capital gain - dvo report

AO referred a property to DVO for fair market valuation and DVOvalued itexactly as per DLC circle rate value which was supplied by the same sub registrar stamp valuation authority DVO has not acted up

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Mis report for import company

Dear Member Anyone having format of MIS Report for import company Where it is a group company and dealing with three different product Lyk medical Sensor HAG And MIS report is require as per product A

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  • Form 52 ( Form LII)

    Form 52 Form LII in xlsx format


  • Format for publication of Financial Results

    Changes in the Format for publication of Financial Results applicable for Quarter ending December 2015


  • CARO 2015

    File gives you better understanding of CARO 2015


  • NEFT / RTGS Form - Union Bank of India

    This Automated NEFT RTGS form of Union Bank of India Once you updated the details of Remitter Beneficiary everything will load automatically So you can prepare a Form with in seconds Please enable macros for proper working of this utility For any assistance query please contact Sabu v Joseph Ph 9349973685 email sabuvjosephpkd gmail com


  • PPT on GST Registration

    This PPT is based on the report of the joint committee on business process on GST In case of any suggestions or query please feel free to contact


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Emotional Transformation

One morning suddenly one thought came to my mind that why some people are happy with nothing and some are unhappy even if they have everything What is the cause of unhappiness What is Fear How to live

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How to report Incomes from India while filing the tax return in USA?

It is often that people take the plea that the law is not known to them and any breach of law therefore is purely due to ignorance However the Latin term ignorantialegisneminemexcusat very aptly and s

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Video-conferencing - A recognised merger of Information Technology Act

Introduction 1 With the lapse of time information technology continues to impact on day to day activities whether it is banking communication etc Thus it is impracticable for corporate world to remain

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CARO 2015 - in short

CARO 2015 Applicability Applies to all companies including foreign companies Except It is not applicable to Insurance co banking co charitable organizations one person Company private company with equ

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Judgment 'Given' in a court of law vs. 'Taken' in an audit report

To Judge it means forming an opinion or taking a view about something or some one after a careful thought study and examination Everybody has to take a judgment on every issue one confronts at various

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