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caro clauses


Highlights of the Companies Bill, 2011

Highlights of the Companies Bill 2011 as passed in Lok Sabha on 18 12 12 1 The Bill has 470 clauses as against 658 Sections in the existing Companies Act 1956 2 The entire bill has been divided into 2

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Clarifications in respect of new serivces and amendments to existing services after enactment of Finance Bill 2011

Clarifications on new services specified in clauses zzzzv and zzzzw of section 65 105 of the Finance Act 1994 and amendments to existing clauses of same section LETTER D O F NO 334 3 2011 TRU DATED 25

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Notified Continuous supply of service for the purpose of Point of Taxation Rules, 2011

Notifies that the provision of taxable services referred to in clauses zzq zzzh zzzx zzzu and zzzza of section 65 105 of the Finance Act shall be treated as continuous supply of service for purpose of

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New Service Tax exemption notification released

Enactment of Finance Act 2010 NOTIFICATION NO 24 2010 Service Tax Dated June 22 2010 In exercise of the powers conferred by clauses A and B of section 76 of the Finance Act 2010 14 of 2010 the Central

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Style Definitions table MsoNormalTable mso style name Table Normal mso tstyle rowband size 0 mso tstyle colband size 0 mso style noshow yes mso style priority 99 mso style qformat yes mso style parent

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Online view flowchart classes videos provided by carocks

Carocks Provided Videos of Flowchart and Decision Table on their website Courtesy by Carocks http carocks wordpress com 2013 06 06 flowchart and decision table classes by mr sanjay monga ipcc itsm wat

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Caro in case of disclaimer of opinion

Can anyone explain What should be the content of CARO in case if the Audit report is Disclaimer of Opinion It is a Public limited company Chit Funds Very URGENT

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Caro 2003

Please explain the limits of private co on which caro 2003 is appilcable

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Applicability of caro

It shall apply to every company including a foreign company as defined in Sec 591 of the Companies Act except the following Nov 2011 1 Banking Company 2 Insurance Company 3 A Company licensed to opera

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Recent changes in caro auditors report

Have there been any changes in CARO Auditors Report recently If yes kindly specify the amendments introduced

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  • Shortcut to learn CARO

    Every CA and every CA student must read this file on CARO short cut code


  • Amendments to "The Companies Bill 2011"

    The Bill has 470 clauses and 7 schedules as against 658 Sections and 15 schedules in the existing Companies Act 1956 The important amendments approved in proposed Companies Bill 2011 are given below


  • CARO

    Audit Report


  • The CARO, 2003 must read

    Every student of CA must read the file to learn the CARO 2003


  • Notes on Clauses

    Recent Changes In the Budget 13 14 regarding Income Tax In india


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Applicability of caro

If a pvt ltd co has taken an unsecured loan amounting to Rs 30 lacs from ABC Pvt Ltd Co which is a Finance Company will CARO be applicable

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About caro

Dear Friends Defination of Reserves for the purpose of CARO report and particular applicabilty of Private Limited Comapny

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Caro qualification

What is the meaning of Accumulated and Cash losses

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Caro 2004

CARO 2004 is not applicable for foreign companies

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Caro 2003 applicability

hai Sir Madam a company having paid up capital Rs 1 00 000 and Rs 7 00 00 000 share application money no other loans and reserves in this sistuation CARO 2003 is applicable or not please reply

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Default in TDS & CARO

TDS is always a controversial issue for every assessee Considering the defaults in TDS by deductor and disclosure of the same by auditors in CARO and Tax Audit Report a question arises about a default

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CLAUSES MAKE AGREEMENTS FLAWLESS CS Monika Bhardwaj B Com Hons ACS In common parlance the terms Agreement and Contract are used as synonyms But in legal jargon these two terms are not the same Agreeme

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