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Clarification on Reports Appearing on Black Money Act

Over last few days a number of reports have appeared in the media expressing views and concerns regarding the applicability of various provisions of the Black Money Undisclosed Foreign Income and Asse

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Applicability of Standards, Guidance Notes, Legislative Amendments for Nov 2015 Final exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2015 Final Examination Paper 1 Financial Reporting I Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial State

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Non-applicability of Wealth-tax for November, 2015 CA Final Examination

Important Announcement Sub Non applicability of Wealth tax for November 2015 CA Final Examination The Finance Bill 2015 introduced in the Parliament on 28th February 2015 has proposed to abolish the l

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CARO 2003 and additional reporting under new Companies Act

ANNOUNCEMENT ON CARO 2003 AND ADDITIONAL REPORTING UNDER THE COMPANIES ACT 2013 We are receiving queries from the members regarding applicability of CARO 2003 along with Auditors Report on financial s

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Amount received by companies from their members not treated as deposit

Amount received by private companies from their members directors or their relatives before 1st April 2014 Clarification regarding applicability of Companies Acceptance of Deposits Rules 2014 Detailed

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Applicability of tds

Is TDS deductible on date of payment or date of invoice

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Huf - applicability of tax audit

A HUF has borrowed an amount of Rs 1 12 Crores 10 interest p a and landing the same amount to private company 12 interest p a Now Net interest Income of 2 i e 12 10 will be treated as Business Income

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Cost audit applicability

Dear All For applicability of Cost Audit 2 conditions should be satisfied 1 overall turnover should be Rs 100 crore or more and 2 Individual Turnover should be Rs 35 Crore or more As per point no 1 7

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Sec 89 relief applicability

My Client is Govt Employee Received Last 4 years Pension Arrears in AY 2013 14 for the AY 2013 14 we claimed Relief U s 89 and filed IT Return but IT Department Given 143 1 In that they are not taken

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Applicability of excise

Is Proprriotorship firm liable to registered under Excise if it is engaged in Plastic manufacturing item but also having trading business

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Caro 2015

Is CARO 2015 applicable for CA final november15 exams

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Applicability of new syllabus of c.a. course

Hello all ICAI has declared new syllabus but from which exam it will be apply and how many attempts old student get

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Radio taxi metered cab service tax applicability

Hi services provided by a metered cab is negative listed but radio taxi has been excluded from the negative list can anybody tell the difference between radio taxi and metered cab Do uber ola meru etc

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Applicability of excise duty

A person uses waste scrap tyres to burn them and get oil out of that and sell that oil in the market Is this activity a excisable activity If yes under what had it should be classified

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Applicability of perquisite on insurance benefit

An employee who is working in an Indian company has been given an Health Insurance benefit by the Parent Company of other country Please clarify would there be any perquisite value applicable on this

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  • Final - Auditing Amendments for Nov. 2015

    covers CARO 2015 Cost Records and Audit rules revised formats of audit reports and letter of enaggement


  • Applicability of Provisions of Company Act based on Limits

    Limit Chart Companies Act 2013


  • 2nd Edition - CA Final Audit by Sumit Aggarwal - CARO

    Thanks you to all CA Student for their wonderful response to my first Edition A Complete Guide for Advanced Auditing CA Final I am happy to announced that my Second Edition has been released available online flipkart com amazon in leading book Store all over India This book cover entire syllabus in less than 620 pages with shorts Notes Student reading first time can read full syllabus in just 2 weeks revise whole syllabus in just 2 days It will help students to secure maximum marks in minimum time frame Best of Luck for upcoming CA Exams CA Sumit Aggarwal


  • Brief Comparison between CARO-2003 & CARO-2015

    Brief Comparison between CARO 2003 CARO 2015 with Anx to Audit Report under New CARO


  • Revised CA Course Scheme



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Applicability of 'Res Judicata' on taxation matters

Res Judicata pro veritate accipituris the full Latin maxim which has over the years shrunk to mere Res Judicata The doctrine of Res Judicata operates on three basic principles stated here in below for

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Applicability of Rule 6 of CCR for interest income

After the introduction of Negative list of services from 01 07 2012 there are many issues arising with respect to Cenvat Credit availment utilization and also applicability of Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit

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Clarification on applicability of secretarial standards

Secretarial Standards on General Board meeting Clarification Considering the date of effectiveness of Secretarial Standards from 1st July 2015 the Institute clarifies that these Secretarial Standards

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Exemptions for CARO

The previous and the present CARO is placed side by side for easy reference Please note that CARO will not be applicable for certain categories of Companies as stated in the order Companies Auditors R

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CARO 2015

The MCA has issued Companies Auditors Report Order 2015 vide order dated 10th April 2015 It shall come into force on the date of its publicationin the Official Gazette The matters which on which repor

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