Applicability of MAT on foreign companies having no PE in India

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes Sub Applicability of Minimum Alternate Tax MAT on foreign companies having no PE in India regarding Issues r

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Clarification on Reports Appearing on Black Money Act

Over last few days a number of reports have appeared in the media expressing views and concerns regarding the applicability of various provisions of the Black Money Undisclosed Foreign Income and Asse

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Applicability of Standards, Guidance Notes, Legislative Amendments for Nov 2015 Final exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2015 Final Examination Paper 1 Financial Reporting I Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial State

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Non-applicability of Wealth-tax for November, 2015 CA Final Examination

Important Announcement Sub Non applicability of Wealth tax for November 2015 CA Final Examination The Finance Bill 2015 introduced in the Parliament on 28th February 2015 has proposed to abolish the l

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CARO 2003 and additional reporting under new Companies Act

ANNOUNCEMENT ON CARO 2003 AND ADDITIONAL REPORTING UNDER THE COMPANIES ACT 2013 We are receiving queries from the members regarding applicability of CARO 2003 along with Auditors Report on financial s

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Applicability of swachh bharat cess

Dear experts As per Notification 21 2015 and 22 2015 o 5 swachh bharat cess will be lavied from 15 11 2015 however i have three doubt regarding applicability of SBC plz clarify 1 weather SBC is to be

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Applicability of ifrs

Dear all Whether IFRS is applicable for May 2016 Attempt If yes then entire IFRS or Only comparison between current standards Ind AS

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Gst applicability for ca final may-2016?

is gst applicable for may 2016 examinations

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Applicability of service tax

Supply of water where all pipe line and boring installed by client is liable to service tax

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Applicability of mlwf

Our Organisation is a pvt ltd com having more than 5 staff all including Managers and Employee no workers or labour employeed My query is whether we have bond to pay mlwf dues for same Thanks in Advan

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Tds applicability on fees paid to investment consultant

My Investment Consultant has given me an offer that hell provide me good short term investment tips and whatever net profit after deduction of Brokerage Taxes Short Term Capital Gain Tax is earned at

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Applicability of tds for on-line tests

We are shortly going to sell on line work style assessmenttests to our corporate clients in India which they would use for their selecting appropriate job applicants as well as for assessing their emp

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Cash flow applicability pvt ltd company

As per CA 2013 Cash flow is not applicable to small companies Small Company means paid up share capital is less than Rs 50 Lakhs and turnover does not exceed rs 2 crore So what if my share capital is

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Applicability of seis for supplies to sez

DGFT wide circ no 01 15 16 clarified that SEIS incentive for service exports is applicable only to services which are provided out of indian territory In this context SEZs which are in indian territor

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Applicability of caro

Whether CARO is applicable or not for Nov 15 IPCC Exams Please give me clarity sir if you know

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  • CARO 2013



  • Caro 2015 special notes

    Simple and full of knowledge


  • CARO,2015

    this is a ppt which helps to prepare ca ipcc and final exam


  • Imp Provisions of CA, 2013

    Trigger points of applicability of important provisions of companies Act 2013


  • CARO 2015

    CARO 2015


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CARO 2015 - in short

CARO 2015 Applicability Applies to all companies including foreign companies Except It is not applicable to Insurance co banking co charitable organizations one person Company private company with equ

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Practical Application of CARO, 2015 (through FAQs)

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 10th April 2015 notified the Companies Auditors Report Order 2015 CARO 2015 The text of the Order is available on the following URL http www mca gov in Ministry pd

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CARO 2015 Reporting and Format

Reporting Under CARO 2015 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 10th April 2015 notified theCompanies Auditors Report Order 2015 CARO 2015 APPLICABILITY It shall apply to every company including a fore

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Applicability of 'Res Judicata' on taxation matters

Res Judicata pro veritate accipituris the full Latin maxim which has over the years shrunk to mere Res Judicata The doctrine of Res Judicata operates on three basic principles stated here in below for

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Applicability of Rule 6 of CCR for interest income

After the introduction of Negative list of services from 01 07 2012 there are many issues arising with respect to Cenvat Credit availment utilization and also applicability of Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit

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