CARO 2013


Clarification on repayment of deposit u/s 74

Clarification on repayment of deposits accepted by the companies before the commencement of the Companies Act 2013 under section 74 of the said Act Please refer to the attached file for details

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Ceiling limit of 20 statutory audit increased

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Notification dated June 5 2015 exempting the maximum ceiling of 20 companies as provided in clause g of sub section 3 of Section 141 of the Companies Act 2013

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The Companies (Amendment) Act 2015

THE COMPANIES AMENDMENT ACT 2015 NO 21 OF 2015 25th May 2015 An Act to amend the Companies Act 2013 BE it enacted by Parliament in the Sixty sixth Year of the Republic of India as follows 1 1 This Act

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Direct taxes worth Rs 6.95 lac crore collected during 2014-15

Direct Taxes worth Rs 6 95 988 Collected Druing 2014 15 Direct Taxes Contribute more than 56 to total Central Taxes During 2013 14 and 2014 15 The Revised Estimates and actual collections of Direct Ta

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Constitution of National Financial Reporting Authority

The Companies Act 2013 Section 132 Constitution of National Financial Reporting Authority Significant Development Concerning Profession The Standing Committee on Finance 2014 15 Sixteenth Lok Sabha in

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Sec 101 to 107 & 109 of co act, 2013

Can a AOA of pvt co have a article that sec 101 to 107 109 will not apply to Co as this is exempted to pvt co is contrary is contained in the article of association

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Regarding section 180(1) under companies act 2013

Dear Experts can anyone explain the section 180 1 as I am bit confused not able to understand the basic query is that if a company want to sell lease or otherwise dispose of the whole or substantially

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Companies act 2013

if in final accounts a company s one location is a debtor and other location is supplier can we merge to accounts as per company s act

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Check list of caro 2015

Please provide me check list for CARO 2015

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Companies act 1956/2013


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E-file return of 2012-2013 and 2013-2014

Hi I have never filed return yet I want to E File ITR online using FORM 16 for Finalnical year 2012 2013 and 2013 2014 as i am salarized My Question are 1 Can Still E file online reutrn for finalnical

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Checklist on board's report under the companies act, 2013

Checklist on Boards Report under The Companies Act 2013 S No Particulars Disclosure Format if any Provisions Applicability Small Private Public Select Public Listed 1 Extract of Annual Return Extrac

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Depreciation on computer software as per companies act 2013

Please explain me the depreciation rates for the following as per companies act 2013 1 Computer Software 2 Air conditioners 3 printers 4 Generators 5 speakers Thank you

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Who are promoters ? w.r.t mgt-9 and cos. act , 2013

Hi I am an article who has been given the task of filling up MGT 9 of Companies As per the form requirements we are supposed to provide details on the shareholding of promoters and subsequent changes

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Depreciation as per co act, 2013

VEHICLE BIKE Purchase price 44 171 Depreciation upto 31 3 14 40 912 WDV as on 1 4 14 3 259 Lfe as per Cos Act 2013 10 years Used life 9 57 years remaining Life 0 43 years Salvage value 2 209 44 171 5

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  • Compliance Requirement Under CA 2013

    U can check compliance requirement for ur company


  • Companies Act 2013 - Chapter Wise and Section Wise

    Comm Act 2013 Chapter Wise and Section Wise


  • Board' Report under Companies Act 2013

    Content of Board s Report at glance


  • Enhanced disclosures under Companies Act, 2013

    Disclosures required on the website of the company events triggering newspaper publication


  • Format Audit Report and Caro for FY - 2014-15 in EXCEL

    Audit Report and Caro for FY 2014 15 in EXCEL


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FAQ on New Companies Act, 2013- Auditor's Rotation

1 We have been the Statutory Auditors of XYZ Private Limited for 20 years now Can we sign the financial statements as auditors for YE March 31 2015 Or should be pave way for another firm on account of

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Exemptions to private limited companies under Co. Act, 2013

In light of continuous representations being given to the government by Chartered Accountants Trade Associations and Industry seeking relaxation in certain provisions of the The Companies Act 2013 app

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FAQ on auditor appointment under companies act, 2013

A AuditorsAppointment 1 What are the critical aspects to be considered before accepting appointment as auditor Parameter Act Reference Content Education Sec 141 1 A Chartered Accountant shall only be

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No mercy killing for companies act, 2013

Is there any possibility of restoring the Companies Act 1956 This question must be running in the minds of many entrepreneurs and professionals There is so much of ambiguity in the framing of the drac

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Key managerial personnel under Companies Act, 2013 - An analysis

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 203 of the Companies Act 2013 Act every class of companies as prescribed shall be mandatorily required to have Key Managerial personnel The relevant extract of th

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