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Four CAs guilty of misconduct found by ICAI during Demonetisation

Subsequent to the Demonetization policy announced by the Honble Prime Minister of India it had appeared in the media that certain members of the Chartered Accountancy profession were reportedly advising in a manner which is in violation of applicable provisions of Chartered Accountants Act and Rules

ICAI President's Message - May 2017

Esteemed professional colleagues First President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad called Chartered Accountants the providers of first line of defence to the unwary public against money grabbers and opportunists This is because our profession enjoys a statutory autonomy The financial statements documents

Group to look into the intricacies involved in areas pertaining to the Disciplinary Mechanism

No M 626 16 2 2017 ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL Madam Dear Sir In partial modification of our letter number No M 626 16 1 2017 dated 24th April 2017 the President in terms of the authority given to him by the Council at its 363rd meeting held on 12th February 2017 has also nominated Ms Bindu Agnihotri

NITI Aayog denies recommending taxing farm income

Clarification on news reports regarding NITI Aayogs Draft Three Year Action Agenda published on 26th April 2017 Several newspaper reports published on April 26th 2017 state that NITI Aayog or its Draft Three year Action Agenda has recommended that Farm Income in India be taxed to expand the existing

Provisional panel of CA Firms/LLPs with the C&AG

Hosting of provisional panel of Chartered Accountant Firms LLPs with the O o CAG for the year 2017 2018 The Office of CAG is hosting the Provisional Panel of Chartered Accountant firms LLPs for the year 2017 18 for indicating the position detailed point score of the firms The provisional panel will

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Didn,t received articleship registration letter and id card

i registered for articles on 10 02 2017 and submitted documents on 08 03 2017 in hyd branch i did not received any registration letter and id card as it was already 50 days i was unable to see my name in my sir membership card and in the reprint letter services but i was able to see my receipt of fe

Linking pan card with aadhar card

Sir I am M S Natarajan Now there is a circular to link AADHAR card with PAN CARD My name in pan is Mahadhanapram Saptharishi Natarajan In AADHAR it is Natarajan MS In my ration card Driving Licence Bank account voter Id etc mentioned as Natarajan MS Therefore if I change the name in AADHAR as Mahadh

Should do ca or not?

Hello I am tani kapoor and is currently persuing b com h from delhi univerity and will be graduating this year I am confused whether to persue ca or not I am a comparitevly slow learner and need time to grasp things Moreover theory is my strength and pratical subjects are comparitevly weak So someon

applicabe vat or service tax

I am running landscaping and lawn developing business now i want to expand my business by taking contract from government to develop park and lawn in this i have to provide fountains and plants and material i want know which tax will applicable to me

Captain gain

I have gold 400grms registered with my grandma s name She expired in last year So how can I use this gold legally into business Do i need to pay capital gain


gst applicable on agriculture

gst applicable on agriculture

applicable vat or service tax

I am running landscaping and lawn developing business now i want to expand my business by taking contract from government to develop park and lawn in this i have to provide fountains and plants and material i want know which tax will applicable to me

Casual Taxable Person

What are the limitations for Casual Taxable person with reference to number of transactions allowed per year and value of amiunt in rupees

Company law case studies


Is the subject required to pay capital gains tax ?

If a person was not able to sell property A because there were no buyers at that time and managed the funds required to buy a new property B on his own say takes money from various sources and buys it and say later on when he gets the correct price for A he sells A and repays the loan he acquired fr

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Breach of Covenants of a Loan - 'Classification change' under Ind AS

Almost every loan agreement will be carrying some of the terms and conditions that are required to be fulfilled by a borrower to keep that loan continue as per the agreed terms OR an immediate re payment might be initiated which can end the relationship related to the debt Often these terms are e g

Career prospects for CAs in India's KPO industry

Chartered Accountancy as a career continues to be a preferred choice in spite of the high bar that is set for all aspirants To clear the CA exam a lot of effort and dedication is required The choices that you make after passing will have a big impact on the kind of life and work you get in the futur

Whether non ratification of statutory auditor is removal of statutory auditor

Short Summary In this Flash editorial the author begins by referring the provisions of Section 139 140 of Companies Act 2013 relating to ratification of Auditor in every Annual General Meeting Removal of auditor The main thrust of the article however is upon the indirectly removal of Auditor through

How to be Successful in CA Practice

Being Successful is not a Option It is your need It is Mandatory CA Ankit Gulgulia Jain So I think the topic itself is of high appeal to all the youngsters to enter in the field of chartered accountancy for making a career in Indias supreme finance field As a CA Student you do articleship to learn t

The Final stage of Exams

As exams are approaching near and the pressure is building up on all my friends preparing so hard for it I want to discuss something with you I have been through it and know exactly how it feels Now that you all will be in the last leg of your preparations kindly make use of the material provided by

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