Indirect tax final exam rescheduled in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh select cities

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Clarifications on Swachh Bharat Cess

Swachh Bharat Cess will come into effect from 15th November 2015 at the rate of 0 5 on all services which are presently liable to service tax This will translate into a tax of 50 paisa only on every o

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Indirect tax revenue sees a rise of 36.8% in October

Indirect Tax Revenue Provisional collections during October 2015 increased by 36 8 as compared with collections made in October 2014 Cumulatively during April October 2015 Indirect Tax Collections inc

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List of polling booth for ICAI election

FOR ATTENTION OF CANDIDATES AND VOTERS 7th November 2015 Re Updated list of Polling Booths for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils to be held in December 2015 The

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ICAI president meets minister to discuss issues in appointment of stat auditors for public sector banks

CA Manoj Fadnis President ICAI and CA Anuj Goel Member Central Council Chairman Professional Development Committee met and represented beforeHonble Minister of State for Finance Shri Jayant Sinhaon 6t

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Applicability of section 186 of the companies act 2013

Dear Learned Members A NBFC is engaged in financing and leasing of Medical Equipment and Health Care Assets It also provides loans to small Private Limited Companies Hence would like to know whether S

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Pca/pcs firms

Can a PCA PCS opened a Firm in his own name and remain partners with 1 2 other PCA PCS Firms

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Ca-final sfm

Hello Experts I am going to appear for ca final exams in May 2016 and at the present moment the most threatening subject for me is SFM Please suggest any good books i do not get allowed to take the co

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Pharma stock verification

A pharmacy is using seperate books of accounts in a hospital and a custom software designed by them they need weekly stock verification how to do this verification and what is the report i have to iss

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Ca final group 2

How to prepare myself for CA final group 2 Which book coaching should I choose Attempt may 2016 Current status 0 100 Thanks for reply in advance

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Applicability of section 186 of the companies act, 2013

Dear Learned Members A NBFC is engaged in financing and leasing of Medical Equipment and Health Care Assets It also provides loans to small Private Limited Companies Hence would like to know whetherSe

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Cash flow statement

Please explain how working capital changes effects the cash flow statement

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Dividend calculation

Dividend on partly paid up shares to be paid on paid up valueor face value eg div rate 10 rs 10share nominal value however rs 8 is paid up value so whether the value of div will be rs 1 or rs 0 8 Noth

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Ipcc attempt due in may 16

I am planning to attempt IPCC both groups in May 2016 If I wish to start my preparations now will it be possible to clear out What should be my strategy for it Please also help me making a timetable f

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May 2016 preparation

I cleared my ca final firtsr group and i just wanted some suggestion as to how should i prepare for dt nd idt since i am in USA I havent attended coaching classes for those both Can i do self study nd

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  • CA Final Indirect Tax Laws Paper Nov 2015

    CA Final Indirect Tax Laws Paper Nov 2015 Download


  • CA Final Audit Notes of Public sector undertaking (PSU)



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    The quality of our life is decided by the quality our habits We need outstanding habits to create an outstanding life This articles shares the most important habit to inculcate other outstanding habits


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    excel formate HRA calc


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Clarifications on various aspects of Swachh Bharat Cess

Recently the Central Government vide Notification No 21 2015 ST and 22 2015 ST both dated November 6 2015 had appointed November 15 2015 as the date from which Swachh Bharat Cess SB Cess at the rate o

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Critical analysis of Section 185 and Section 186 of the Companies Act, 2013

Critical analysis of Section 185 and Section 186 of the Companies Act 2013 Section 185 of the Companies Act 2013 herein after referred as the Act deals with giving of loans to directors and others and

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Three new & major notifications issued for Swachh Bharat cess

We carried the article on our website titled Swachh Bharat Cess Not so Swachh containing the issues that needs to be settled by the board relating to Swachh Bharat Cess SBC The Board acted proactively

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10 Practical Tips for Early and Wealthy Retirement

Do you dream to say Sayonara to your daily nine to five schedule and see the world before you actually turn 60 How do plan to fulfill such a beautiful dream of your life How do you interpret to see yo

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Capital Gains: Few Basics that you should Know

Capital Gains is the 3rd Head of Income described under Income Tax Act 1961 and provisions relating to it are given from Sec 45 to 55A Capital gains refers to profits gains on transfer of any capital

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