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Two CAs in committee to simplify income tax act setup by govt

The Government of India has constituted a Committee with a view to simplify the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961 with the following composition i Justice R V Easwar Retd former Judge Delhi High C

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Mere transfer of title in immovable property is exempted from Service Tax

In order to resolve a long standing issue relating to levy of Service Tax on sale of flats dwellings etc after issue of occupancy certificate but before issue of completion certificate in areas under

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Clarification on the use of CA Logo

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ICAI declares Final List of Candidates for December 2015 election

ANNOUNCEMENT Re Final List of Candidates for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils to be held in December 2015 In accordance with the provisions of sub rule 2 of rul

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Withdrawal of five Guidance Notes on Accounting

The Council at its Special 347th meeting held on October 14 2015 has decided to withdraw the following five Guidance Notes on Accounting as the same are no longer relevant in the present day context i

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Acca coaching

where to get offline coaching for acca

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St applicability on real estate company

Dear experts A real estate company is charging 3 5 ST on basis cost of flat plz let me know the service tax applicability on following point 1 ST on PLC preferential location charges 2 ST on coverd pa

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List of acts applicable on a manufacturing company

Dear friends I want an information about the name of Acts which are applicable to a manufacturing company of biscuit I am waiting for your replies

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Form 15 ca and form 15cb

Sir I have a query One Company have remitted money abroad for professional services without deducting TDS as it was not applicable But due to ignorance they have not filed the FORM 15CB gave an undert

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Tax on short term capital gains on sale of shares

Hi I have income from Capital Gains from Sale of Shares on recognised exchange NSE I understand that Tax Rate is 15 plus 3 Cess But my income from Salary Other sources capital gains after considering

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U/s 92e is applicable or not

FACTS 1 our company is doing software job work sales to USA Firm 2 Yes One of the our director is also a director Partner Proprietor in USA Firm 3 Having the 50 Share holding in India Company 4 The US

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Regarding calculation of articleship extension

I had taken leave to appear for my CA final exams but could not actually appear for the same due to personal reasons Now for the purposes of calculation of articleship extension will the examination p

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Ca final + articleship registration plz its urgent

If i m Registering for CA Final as well as Articleship simultaneously then do we hav to prepare a dd of 12000 or 100002000 separately plz plz reply

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Final exam eligibility

I am a direct entry student and if at all I don t pass IPCC in nov 2015 but if I pass in may 2016 Can I write final in November 2016 As I am finishing my articleship in jan 2016

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I am a student of final year bba (business administration)

i want to know where to start and to go about to make a career abroad work for a few years and set up my own consultancy to cater in future

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  • ISCA Chapter 7 in simple format

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  • IPCC SM Test papers

    IPCC SM Test papers visit kunalsir in cart for notes and ebook Also visit coaching section of caclubindia com for learning ITSM in easy way


  • IPCC IT Test papers

    IPCC IT Test papers visit kunalsir in cart for notes and ebook Also visit coaching section of caclubindia com for learning ITSM in easy way


  • CPT - Bills of exchange notes

    It contains conceptual problems in Bills of exchange and questions are set in order to give complete knowledge about this chapter


  • Due Diligence in Indirect Taxes September 2015

    Due Diligence in Indirect Taxes September 2015


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Key point and analysis of final rule on range concept and use of multiple year data

Key Point and Analysis of Final Rules on Range Concept and Multiple year data in Transfer Pricing provisions A Introduction The Income tax Act provides for determination of income having regard to Arm

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How does CA change one's life for the good

We have all been through the rigours of pursuing CA and we know how tough it is to handle various situations which needs us to push our limits beyond our capabilities We can put forward several such e

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Analysis on capital budgeting techniques - Part II

This part covers Pay Back Period and touches on Time Value of Money This is a second part of earlier article Analysis on Capital Budgeting Techniques Start reading this Part II article only after read

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Disclosure of Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit in ST-3 Return - Practical Aspects - Part 3

Having discussed on the disclosure of availment and utilization of credit in previous two articles we shall move on to examining applicability of Rule 6 of Cenvat Credit Rules to a service provider an

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Cenvat Credit disclosure in ST return-Practical Aspects: Part 2

In the previous article we had discussed regarding availment of credit while filing of ST 3 Return It has been very encouraging to receive large number of queries on various aspects related to service

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