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New application process to fast track the allotment of PAN and TAN

For fast tracking the allotment of PAN and TAN to company applicants Digital Signature Certificate DSC based application procedure has been introduced on the portals of PAN service providers M s NSDL

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Undisclosed income of Rs 21354 cr detected in last 2 years

There is no official estimation of the amount of black money stashed away abroad Various non governmental organizations and economists in the past have indicated certain estimations of illicit financi

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Time table for Nov 2016 CA exams released

No 13 CA EXAM N 2016 In pursuance of Regulation 22 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased to notify that the Intermedia

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ICAI convocation for newly qualified CA

In order to promote a sense of comradeship among members and for bringing them closer to the Institute the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI organize Convocations for distributing certi

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Detection of black money by Government

Recognizing various limitations under the existing legislation Income tax Act 1961 etc the Government enacted a new law The Black Money Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets and Imposition of Tax Act

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ca final exam

am going to write ca final group 2 in Nov 16 can somebody tell abt sturdy through DVD lectures if suppose which is best where can I buy

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Ca final exemption in subjects

Hello sir I had appeared in May 16 final exams and got my results and cleared 2nd group but in 1 St group got 23 marks in Audit and got exemption in other 3 subjects in 1 st group How many subjects no

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capital gains

hello sir In the month of aug 2015 my father purchased an agriculture land and got the documents registered by lending money from his friends and later in dec 2015 and feb 2016 he sold two residential

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Eligibility of ca final xam nov 2016 and may2017

Dear sir my articleship period is being started on 15oct2013 and which is to be completed on 15 oct 2016 but as per i have taken leave my extension period is to be on an average 6 to 7 month whether i

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Eligibility for ca final attempt

Dear sir my original articleship is to be completed on 15oct 2016 but as per my principal my extension period is to be 6 to 7 month whether i am eligible for nov 2016 and may 2017 whether any restrict

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E-verification: bank account prevalidation (itr)

I have uploaded return but now to e verify i opted for e verification by bank account number But in SELECT BANK TAB Bank Name appears is to be ONLY of PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK I don t have account in Punj

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show cause notice

Can any one tel me d meaning with example f below stated word SHOW CAUSE NOTICE

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No gaining marks in law and audit of ca final

i had write down all section in law paper but got only 35 marks similar i wrote in audit paper still getting 35 marks since my last 4 attempts in ca final what should i do to get full marks or near by

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Cma final

Hi Sir any one pls let me know abt where we will find video classes for cma final especially for paper 18 20

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UPS battery capitalisation

whether ups battery to be capitalised or not please guide

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  • CA Final Reference Books

    This write up has detailed discussion on CA FINAL Reference Books


  • Why Fail in CA Final

    why fail in CA Final


  • New MVAT Return Annexure Preparation

    new MVAT RETURN ANNEXURE PREPARATION applicable from April 2016 onwards


  • Ind AS 7 "Statement of Cash Flows"

    This is the summary of Ind AS 7 It prescribes Objective Scope Operating Activities Investing Activities Financing Activities Some Specific Terms like foreign exchange fluctuation Interest Dividend etc


  • CA Final DT Laws-Must read -Treatment of Business Issues N16

    Entire syllabus of Direct Taxes covered in less than 200 pages without diluting the syllabus Easy to cover syllabus in a week who is in employment and unable to complete portion in time Finance Act 2015 are duly incorporated Applicable for November 2016 for following professional examinations 1 CA Final Paper 7 Direct Tax Laws 2 C M A Intermediate Paper 4 Direct Taxation 3 C S Executive Paper 7 Tax Laws and Practices Best of luck


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Five things which will help you to pass CA exams

Hi guys I am K Srujann Kumar Reddy a chartered accountant by profession and teacher by passion We used to hear this dialogue from child hood Operation success but patient died may be it in some films

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Tips to clear CA final : Guidance note from the Toppers May 2016

CA Final May 2016 exam results have released and we are once again glad to bring to you their success stories It surely motivates everyone A Meet S Sri Ram All India Rank 1 CA finals May 2016 who hail

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How to clear both groups of CA Final with self study in four months

Hello professionals I am writing this article to share my personal experience regarding CA Final preparations with you I have recently cleared both groups of CA Final in May 2016 examination by 4 mont

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Different fields for a freshly qualified CA

Hey guys I am K Srujann Kumar Reddy a chartered accountant working in TVS motor company in internal audit department since I have cleared my CA First of all I would like to congratulate each and every

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Capital Budgeting for Beginners - Part 1

Capital Budgeting All of us at one point in time or another have prepared a budget in one form or another The reason for this is primarily to find out if we can afford the costs investments where to g

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