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ca certificate for bank account opening


Issue date of Sovereign Gold bond postponed to Sep 30

Government decides to shift the issue date of the Sovereign Gold Bonds 2016 17 Series II from September 23 2016 to September 30 2016 in view of large number of applications being received by banks and post offices The Government of India in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India RBI had notifie

FM releases FAQ on GST

The Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley releaseda Booklet containing Frequently Asked Questions FAQs relating to Goods and Services Tax GST Speaking on the occasion the Finance Minister Shri Jaitley lauded the efforts of the officials associated in the preparation of the booklet He complimented

Cabinet approves merger of Rail budget with General Budget

The Union Cabinet has approved the proposals of Ministry of Finance on certain landmark budgetary reforms relating to i the merger of Railway budget with the General budget ii the advancement of the date of Budget presentation from the last day of February and iii the merger of the Plan and the Non

Certificates will be issued to individual taxpayers

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes Sub Finance Minister conveys Governments Appreciation to tax payers for their contribution towards Nation building The Government acknowledges the contribution of individual tax payers in paying taxes within

MVAT rates increased to 6%

FINANCE DEPARTMENT Madam Cama Marg Hutatma Rajguru Chowk Mantralaya Mumbai 400 032 dated the 16th September 2016 NOTIFICATION MAHARASHTRA VALUE ADDED TAX ACT 2002 No VAT 1516 CR 123 Taxation 1 In exercise of the powers conferred by sub section 1 of section 9 of the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act 20

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accounts valuation

how to calculate average capital employed when opening balance of general reserve and profit and loss given whether to use such info for calculating profit and applying 1 2 profit formula or calculating opening capital and then doing average

Composition tax paid by hotelier accounting treatement

Hello Experts Kindly guide me with the treatment of composition tax payment made by a Hotelier of karnataka in books of Account who does not collect vat or cot on sales but pays 4 of Turnover as tax Whether the tax payment made by dealer is expenses or liability Is composition tax payment allowable

Service tax on health care services

Hello seniors i would like to know about whether service provided by hospital is cover under service tax or not and specially entity is LLP and multi specialist hospital i hope i will received prompt and response from my senior thank and regard

Capital gains

Mr ABC has purchased land as Investment in the year 2010 for Rs 15 00 Lakhs He has converted this property into stock in trade on 1 6 2015 Fair Market value of the property on this day is Rs 50 00 lakhs Land was converted into plots He has not sold any plot during 2015 16 He will sell plots in the y

CA in employment- Can he do business

Dear sir I what to know whether CA in employment in Industry can do any other part time business along with job thanks


Turnover calculation sec 44ad from 2 sources of income

Hello freinds Help me get a clear interpretation of Presumptive Taxation Sec 44AD If an individual has 2 business will the total gross turnover from both business be considered for calculating Rs 2 Crore limit for Financial Year 2016 17 AY 2017 18 or individual turnover from each business Eg Busines

caro mnemonic

CARO 2016 Let s grasp it FiLL D C olumn D ate of arrival D ate of departure for E vening F light MNR PNR F Fixed Assets I Inventory L Loans 185 L LiGs D Deposit from Public C Cost Records D Statutory Dues D Repayment of Dues E End use of Funds F Fraud M Managerial Remuneration N Nidhi Co R Related P

Accounting for Two Sole Propreitorship business of same aasessee

Hello freinds Here are my queries 1 Mr X has invested in a partnership firm Xyz with capital introruction from time to time How will this bcapital and profit from the firm be accounted for in his personal books 2 He has another business in sole propreitorahip If he takes money out of this to introdu

Nre account taxability for rnor

Is interest on FD held in NRE account taxable for Resident but not ordinary resident RNOR in India The bank said that he can keep the FDs in NRE account till maturity even after he moved to India Please guide me about the taxability of this interest income Bank is not deducting any TDS Thanks

Can hotel room qualify as hra deduction

Dear Sir I am working at Bangalore but my family stays in my house at Hyderabad I am staying at a hotel room on a long term basis Can my hotel bills be qualified for HRA The hotel room daily price gives me free wifi and break fast If I separate them out in my bill and pay the hotel room charges alon

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Consolidation of accounts

CONSOLIDATION OF ACCOUNTS As we are aware that MCA has issued a Notification dated 27th July 2016 Companies Account Amendment Rules 2016 and made some major amendments in Rule 6 Manner of consolidation of accounts Seemingly the amendment has been made in order to align with the provisions of Ind AS

ISCA Mnemonic words

Hello everyone I am really happy that you all liked mnemonic words I shared earlier and found them useful Today I m sharing mnemonic words for CHAPTER 1 Objectives of ISCA or Role of CA in ISCA I2 BIG CA Prof Jignesh Chheda Identify review IT Risks controls Assess Impact on organizational structure

Appearance & audit under GST law domain of advocates

1 Indian legislature provided special class of persons called Advocates in Advocates Act 1961 to practice all Indian laws Section 29 of Advocates Act specifies that Advocates alone are entitled to practice the profession of Law Section 33 of Advocates Act specifies that Advocates alone entitled to p

Impact of GST on CA Firms

Introduction World has already moved towards Goods and Service Tax GST which may be called as the tax of twenty first century India is just a step behind from adopting this tax structure and that is likely to happen latest by April or October 2017 President of India has recently signed the 101st Con

Knowledge base for CA preparation

There are lot of students in CA who get negative results every 6 months and among them there is a big number of who really deserve to succeed A lock can be opened by a particular key in the same way the lock of CA exams can be opened by the key of smart work What is Smart Work The word Smart Work do

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