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Total 2891 kg gold collected under Gold Monetisation Scheme

Finance Ministry reviews the progress of Gold related Schemes Total gold collected under Gold Monetisation Scheme GMS is 2891 kgs Banks asked to put concerted efforts to mobilize more gold under the G

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Pre-MEF Data Verification

As you are aware every year Professional Development hosts an online form popularly known as MEF ie Multipurpose Empanelment Form atwww meficai orgThis year in order to make the Members aware as to wh

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Big Boost to Ease of Doing Business- Passing of Bankruptcy Code

Big Boost to Ease of Doing Business Passing of Bankruptcy Code Code is a comprehensive and systemic reform which will give a quantum leap to the functioning of the credit market and would take India f

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Offshore Tax Evasion

While there are impediments in obtaining information relating to undisclosed assets stashed away abroad pursuant to various initiatives taken by the Government the flow of information has improved lea

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Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 passed by Lok Sabha

Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 passed by Lok Sabha PFA the attached file for more details

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Formation of Co operative bank

can anyone please let me know the complete procedure for Formation of Co operative bank How much time it will take

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Bank audit

Dear sir during stat audit of a co operative bank I came to know that loan limit against immovable property of one borrower has been extended Earlier franking was done on mortgage deed of Rs 40 lacs e

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Interest on bank overdraft

Dear Sir can you please share a file of interest calculation on Bank Over draft at samsrikvsk gmail com

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Format of 12aa


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Tds on interest paid to hdfc bank for vehicle loand

One of my client were took Vehicle Loan from HDFC Bank Ltd and he paid interest with principle amount as EMI base is he liable to pay TDS on Interest u s 194A for f y 2016 17

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Eligibility criteria for bank audits

Please guide for eligibility criteria for bank audits for a chartered accountant can a single chartered accountant take bank audits

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Indemnity bond format for retring directors

Can i get the indemnity bond format to be taken from retring directors of a private limited company to indemnify the new director in case of liability arising from any act during the period he was dir

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Public sector banks delay plans to raise capital

PSBs which are starved for equity capital are refusing to tap the markets to raise funds despite having all the necessary approvals in place State Bank of India SBI Bank of India United Bank Oriental

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How to open a prop. firm account in bank

Dear All One of my client is doing tailoring work at his work shop He wants to open a account in bank Banker told him to give any of one government registration i e VAT Service Tax or any other He has

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Amount withdrawn from huf bank account

HiI am a member of huf Ihad withdrawn9 lakhs cash from our hufbank account and taken as gift I had deposited in my personal bank account for some loan payment I would like to know if any tax is charge

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  • IND AS16-Property, Plant and Equipment

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting treatment for property plant and equipment so that users of the financial statements can discern information about an entity s investment in its property plant and equipment and the changes in such investment The principal issues in accounting for property plant and equipment are the recognition of the assets the determination of their carrying amounts and the depreciation charges and impairment losses to be recognised in relation to them


  • Statement on Impact of Audit Qualification under LODR

    Under Regu 33 and 52 of LODR Regulations format of Statement of Impact of Audit Qualification


  • CA Student Newsletter June 2016

    CA Student Newsletter June 2016


  • IND AS 7-Statement of Cash Flows

    The objective of this Standard is to require the provision of information about the historical changes in cash and cash equivalents of an entity by means of a statement of cash flows which classifies cash flows during the period from operating investing and financing activities http praveentawania com file details php title IND 20AS 207 Statement 20of 20Cash 20Flows


  • BOB RTGS / NEFT Form in Excel Format

    Bank of Baroda RTGS NEFT Form in Excel format


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Taking a Loan? What should you choose: A Bank or an NBFC?

Middle class is growing at a fast pace and so are their needs and demands They have better jobs and salaries This class is improving their lifestyle drastically whether by buying a car or a house But

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FAQs on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

1 What is applicability of Bankruptcy code Provisions of Bankruptcy code are applicable to individuals companies limited liability partnerships and partnership firms 2 What are the benefits of Bankrup

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IFC - Relevance of Information Technology in Internal Controls

The purpose of internal controls is to identify manage and control risks that could prevent the organization from achieving its objectives The information technology IT function designs develops imple

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Insolvency & Bankruptcy Bill 2015(Draft) - Summary for Corporates

THE INSOLVENCY AND BANKRUPTCY BILL 2015 Short Summary Currently there is no single law dealing with insolvency and bankruptcy in India Liquidation of companies is handled by the high courts individual

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Transparency required in allotment of PSU and Bank Audit

Dear CA friends Arbitrary criteria exist for the allotment of audit of public sector units Every department made their own different rules and conditions for appointment though there is existence of I

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