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MCA issues order regarding rotation of auditors

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Companies Third Removal of Difficulty Order 2016 regarding applicability of the provisions of Rotation of Auditors as per Section 139 2 of the Companies Act 20

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Clarification regarding threshold Limit of tax audit under section 44AB and 44AD

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi the 20th June 2016 Sub Threshold Limit of tax audit under section 44AB and section 44AD clarificat

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EVC can be generated through ATM now

Now Electronic Verification Code EVC can be generated through ATM State Bank of India is the first bank to launch this facility which will facilitate its customers who may not have a net banking accou

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New and revised standards on auditing

Revised SA 700 Forming an Opinion and Reporting on Financial Statements New SA 701 Communicating Key Audit Matters in the Independent Auditors Report Revised SA 705 Modifications to the Opinion in the

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Total 2891 kg gold collected under Gold Monetisation Scheme

Finance Ministry reviews the progress of Gold related Schemes Total gold collected under Gold Monetisation Scheme GMS is 2891 kgs Banks asked to put concerted efforts to mobilize more gold under the G

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Audit report & income tax return in case of charttable trust

Audit report is filed in which form in case of chartitable trust not registered u s 12A how its income tax calcuate

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ca final auditing

i have doubt regarding use of clause in professional ethics can in write more than one clause for questions given in exam which I think applicable for question is there any cutting of marks be will th

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F&o loss of last f.y 2014-2015, c/f current f.y15-16 , audit

Hello F O Loss F Y 2014 2015 approx 350 000 if i want to trf loss to F Y 2015 2016 is audit require if yes then pleas provide me the explanation

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I appeared for ca final first grp secured following no Acc 50 Sfm 56 Auditing 35 Law 49 What strategy I must follow for auditing plz advise

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Tax audit

For A Y 2007 08 there has been a scrutiny and the file was tax audit the case is still goin on in court I have not filed the I T returns from then for every year it was a tax audit I need to file my r

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Bank audit

During Bank audit whether there is any requirement to check on the complaints register within how many days does a bank needs to clear the complaint

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Decline in amount of black money in foreign banks

While there is no official estimation regarding black money of Indians stacked in Swiss banks recent media reports have quoted Zurich based Swiss National Bank as saying that money held by Indians in

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For audit vikas oswal or kamal garg or surbi bansal which one is best

pls tell me from exam point of view

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Can any one tell me which is best book for ca final audit and law for nov 16 exam

Can any one tell me which is best book for ca final audit and law for nov 16 exam and how i study this subject

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Audit report

If Statutory Audit of a company for the FY 2013 14 is finalised recently say 1st July 2016 Will New Audit Report and CARO 2016 apply or Report of FY 2013 14 applies Please help

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  • IPCC auditing May 16 suggested answers

    I spent m valuable time to compile the answers I hope you find useful If u dont like it please don t see it


  • Tax Audit Programme AY16-17

    Tax Audit Programme for PY 15 16 AY16 17 covering ICDS although not applicable and 3CD reporting


  • Companies (cost records and audit) Amendment Rules, 2016 Eng

    Companies cost records and audit Amendment Rules 2016 English Version


  • Analysis of Audit (CA Final) Paper for May 2016 Exams

    Analysis of Audit CA Final Paper for May 2016 Exams


  • CA Final - Professional Ethics

    Sample Chapter Professional Ethics from A Complete Guide for Advanced Auditing CA Final 4th Editions


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Analysis of Audit (CA Final) Paper for May 16 Exams

Paper Analysis Suggested Answers Common Mistakes CA Final May 2016 Exams Generally audit paper from past 4 attempts was of 7 pages but this time it increase to 11 pages 57 increase Questions of around

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Service Tax Audits by Department - Legal Position

INTRODUCTION Service Tax law operates under the concept of self assessment wherein the assessee self assesses his tax position and pays the service tax dues at periodic intervals prescribed therein De

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NPA Menace in the Indian banking system

The Financial Stability Report FCR June 2016 issued by RBI suggests that the business of Scheduled commercial banks SCB is showing significant stress The Gross Non Performing Advances GNPA of SCBs sha

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Forensic Audit - A Modern Day Thrust and Thirst

Introduction In the recent past more so in the previous decade accounting and auditing community witnessed and in fact confronted and gone through scandals emanating from fraudulent and manipulative d

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Audit and Auditor as per Companies Act, 2013

Chapter X of the Companies Act 2013 deals with Audit and Auditors Section 139 Appointment of Auditors 1 Every Company shall at the First Annual General Meeting appoint an Individual or firm as an Audi

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