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balance sheet in excel format


Mou signed between the ICSI and Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

ICSI MOU WITH INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BANKING AND FINANCE Seen in the photo from L to R CS M S Sahoo Secretary ICSI Dr K Ramakrishnan Chief Executive Indian Banks Association Dr R Bhaskaran Chief Executiv

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A Word from New Chairperson, CBDT

A WORD FROM CHAIRPERSON CBDT My Dear Members of the Aayakar Family On my elevation as Chairperson of CBDT I take the first opportunity to greet you all and thank you for your good wishes I received du

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Ms. Sudha Sharma, appointed as the new Chairperson of the CBDT

Ms Sudha Sharma appointed as the new Chairperson of the CBDT

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Application for Internal Audit of the Institute for the FY 2013-14

Sealed and two separate applications one for conducting Internal Audit of the Head Quarters at Kolkata and other for Delhi Office of the Institute are invited from Cost Accountants Firm having minimum

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Postponement of CPT in r/o candidates who were allotted Siddharth College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai - 400001 as their examination centre

No 13 CA Exams June 2013 The CPT examination scheduled for 16th June 2013 stands postponed due to unavoidable circumstances in respect of candidates who were allotted Siddharth College of Commerce Eco

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Taxation on annual maintenance contact

Dear All Please let me know the VAT Service Tax rates on Annual Maintenance Contact for IT Products As for as my knowledge 75 of the Contact value will taxable at 5 5 VAT and 25 of the Contact value w

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Rainy days.....

Bachpan ki yaadain In our childhood we read such poem and keep waiting for rainy days But today seeind the situation of North India One remarkable poem come into ma mind for Indian Govt modified

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Some useful points on punjab value added tax, 2005

SOME USEFUL POINTS ON PUNJAB VALUE ADDED TAX 2005 http www chdcaprofessionals com 2013 06 punjabvalueaddedtaxarticle html Author Ashish Barthwal

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Diffrence in attitude

DIFFERENCE IN ATTITUDE This is a story of two brothers One was a drug addict and a drunkard who frequently beat up his family The other one was a very successful businessman who was respected in socie

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Industrial training

how shall i get ca industrial training information at kolkata

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  • Pawan excel

    Solution marksheet


  • Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 with recent amendments

    Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 and Recent Amendments


  • MCA-21 - e-filing Common errors observed PPT

    MCA 21 e filing Common errors observed PPT


  • The Wise Investor - Sundaram MF June -2013

    The Wise Investor Sundaram MF June 2013


  • Calender for future

    contains more than 50 Yrs Calender Jinang Shah


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Coaching class for mba

I would like to do MBA by going classes in the evening Please suggest clasess in and around T Nagar Chennai

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Regarding input service

can i know facilities like town creches education rural community development comes under input service as these services are being provided to th employees for motivating them to work properly which

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Additions on account of lower drawings

The assessing officer has made an addition to the returned income of assessee on account of lower withdrawals for household purpose he has made this addition on the basis of societal status of the ass

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Taxability of interest

Hi whether Interest on amount kept in capital gain a c scheme of SBI is taxable or not SBI has not deducted any TDS as i have seen form 26AS that means it is saving a c interest Please advice me on th

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Regarding business certificate

Kindly update me or clear difference between certificate of incorporation and certificate of commencement of business

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Credit Reversal on Trading of Flats- Questions that remains unanswered

Introduction This is a court of law young man not a court of justice This phrase byOliver Wendell Holmes Jr is remembered by every person who loses in court of law despite being genuine and working in

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Point of Taxation Rules 2011 - Part 1

Hello Friends This is my first article on this plat form Please go through it and let me know if there is any mistakes or areas to be improved Areyou able to guess which tax it relates to Excise duty

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Two new Excel tricks

Case Study 1 Visualize ratings of employees Application Areas Feedback Performance Ratings Techniques required for Solution Formula REPT Picture 1 REPT formula repeats specified character s the no of

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Errors in Excel

N A DIV 0 NAME VALUE REF NUM Sounds familiar These are the errors excel returns when the formula contains an error NAME the variables dont meet the criterion of the formula VALUE when the reference is

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Company Secretary Roles - Management & Policy Making

The demand of Company Secretary course in India is increasing at a very rapid rate It is mainly because of increasing awareness among the students about this course Earlier it had not been that widesp

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