average age of passing chartered accountants exam in india


ICAI advises CAs to watch the national interest as uppermost while advising client in the backdrop of Demonetisation

December 9 2016 ANNOUNCEMENT For attention of Members Demonetisation Policy announced by Government of India An Advisory for Members As you may be aware the ICAI has always been supportive of the bold initiatives taken by the Government in strengthening the economic growth of our country and also in

Rs 427684 crore issued to public since demonetisation by banks

Activity at Banks during November 10 to December 7 2016 Consequent to the announcement of withdrawal of Legal Tender status of banknotes of 500 and 1000 denominations from the midnight of November 8 2016 the Reserve Bank of India made arrangements for exchange and or deposit of such notes at the cou

Syllabus for the Limited Insolvency Exam of ICAI to become Insolvency Professional

Syllabus for the Limited Insolvency Examination on 31st December 2016 to become Insolvency Professional Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India Limited Insolvency Examination The Board hereby publishes the syllabus format and frequency of the Limited Insolvency Examination under regulation 3 3 of t

Govt asks employees to use debit card for personal transaction

Government of India takes policy decisions to encourage cashless electronic transactions Asks the Government employees to take the lead and maximize the usage of Debit Cards for personal related transactions instead of cash In the recent years advancements in banking technology progress in mobile ba

New facility for online request of duplicate mark sheet for CA exam

Introduction of the facility of on line submission of requests for issue of duplicate mark sheets pass certificates An on line facility for submission of requests for issue of duplicate mark sheets pass certificates has been put in place at http icaiexam icai org Those who are desirous of applying f

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Special purpose engagement letter

What is the format for an engagement letter for issue of special purpose certificates certificates in relation to an initial public offer by the auditor

Tds on sponsorship fee or not payable outside india. colombo

sponsorship fee is payable to a club in Colombo organising Annual party whether TDS is to be deducted or not on the same IF yes then what would be the rate What would be rate if deducted Please give answer with the reference of IT act

Sections applicable for CA Final May 17 exams

Please provide the sections applicable in corporate and allied laws for CA Final May 17 examinations and amendments applicable for May 17 attempt Thanks in advance

Can prastising ca become lic agent

Hello I want to know whether Can Practising CA become Lic Agent Even Though he is not marketing about LiC Policies and only selling policy without any marketing only to his clients

Know about wages allowance for workers.

Dear sir I want know about how many types allowance we gave to our workers in the case of ESIC If we opened a salary account to my workers so how will we manage to salary because the esic limit is Rs 10000 but my worker salary made one month approximate every month Rs 12500 So what we do in that cas


164 applies to manager

164 applies to manager A person disqualified under 164 can be appointed as manager by following 196

Person of indian origin but not a citizen of india - bank a/

Dear Sir I wish to know about the RBI guidlines for savings bank account status If an Indian citizen took a foreigen citizen ship He is also holding an OCI PIO card Now he wish to come bank to India and permanently settle in India He is operating an NRO savings bank account I wish to know that after

Extension in ca final exam in transfer in articleship

Hi all I have started my articleship on 10th september 2015 My CA final attempt is in May 2018 Now i want to take transfer in other firm from 1st January 2017 My leaves upto the date of 1st Jan 2017 will be 25 in total Now if i take transfer from my old firm on 1st of january and get registered in o

Special purpose engagement letter

What is the format for an engagement letter for issue of special purpose certificates certificates in relation to an initial public offer by the auditor Please share

Capital work in progress- management representation letter

Could anyone help me with draft management representationletter for Capital Work in progress and Intangible assets under development Thanks in advance

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Taxation issue of NRI Returning or Coming back to India

Taxation Issue of NRI Returning or Coming back to India PART A IT Section 10 iv fa In computing the total income of a previous year of any person any income falling within any of the following clauses shall not be included Interest Payable by a scheduled bank to a non resident or to a person who is

Current Scenario of Indian Education System

Every creature on this planet is actively engaged in their own life race starting from fulfillment of their day to day requirements till their aim of achieving the so called life time goals and we human beings are no exception to that India the second most populated country in the world with 125 cro

Demonetization: Why India needs a Rs. 200 note?

Let me begin with a question framed in an IAS exam A lady boughtRs 200 worth of grocery from a shop and gave a note of Rs 1000 The shopkeeper didnthave change so he arranged change of Rs 1000 from a neighbour shopkeeper He added Rs 200 to his cash box and handed over Rs 800 to the lady After sometim

Do CAs have competitive advantage?

Hello folks Its been quite a while since I made any comment on this forum let alone penning down an article I was actually working on two of my articles Buying health insurance and What Employers want Both are complete but Im just not able to make time to write them on CCI as they are too long Will

Disadvantages of doing business in black money

Why black money is prevalent in Indian economy in such large scale that Govt has taken extreme step to defunct Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note Govt has taken strict action to control black money and determined to flush it out from our economy India is not arich country Most residents here want to earn more

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