audit of insurance companies


New and revised standards on auditing

Revised SA 700 Forming an Opinion and Reporting on Financial Statements New SA 701 Communicating Key Audit Matters in the Independent Auditors Report Revised SA 705 Modifications to the Opinion in the

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Preparation of Panel of CA and Firms having experience for Forensic Auditing

Central Bureau of Investigation CBI has sought the help of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for investigation of important Forensic Audit assignments Chartered Accountants firms having

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Road Map for implementation of Indian Accounting Standards

The Road Map for implementation of Indian Accounting Standards Ind AS for commercial Banks Banks Insurance Companies Insurers and Non Banking Financial Companies NBFCs was announced on 18 01 2016 and

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Applicability of Accounting Standards amended by MCA

Applicability of Accounting Standards amended by MCA vide Notification dated March 30 2016 1 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India vide Notification No G S R 739 E dated 7th December 2

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Simplification of procedure to deal with audit objections raised in indirect taxes by CAG

Central Board of Excise and Customs CBEC has issued a circular to simplify the procedure of dealing with audit objections raised in indirect taxes by the office of CAG The Circular rescinds all the pa

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Appointment of auditor

There is a private limited company having no operational activity since the year 1999 The company s last balance sheet and annual return was filed for the year ended march 1999 Since then the Company

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section 124 and 125 of companies Act, 2013

Does sec 124 and 125 of companies Act 2013 had been notified till 31 03 2016 or not plz can you recommend me the source where I can find list of up to date sections of the above mention act which are

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Company audit notes

Respected Sir mam Can anyone kindly provide new company audit ipcc notes mind maps by pankaj garg plz

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Uploading of subsidiary companies financials in website

I just need a help with respect to uploading of subsidiary company s financials in the website of Parent company as required under section 136 1 of the companies act 2013 Whether its mandatory or not

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Key man insurance policy

1 Deductibility as business expenditure of premium paid of Key Man Insurance Policy of Partners in case of Partnership Firm Whether allowed 2 Taxability of maturity proceeds either in hands of partner

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Article-ship from india's best internal audit firm

We are a CA Firm with offices in Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore We require bright article trainees pursuing CA Course An analytical bent of mind and a burning desire to learn would be key attributes in ou

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Audit of relative

Can CA in pratcice do tax audit of his own uncle firm or company

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Audit report form

Religious Charitable Trust Registered under 12 A 80 G Gross Receipts local Rs 18 45 000 Whether audit report to be submit in form 10B or 10BB

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Companies act

Do directors need to subscribe the shares of the company If so under what provisions of the Companies Act the same is covered

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Statement of impact of audit qualification under lodr

Statement on Impact of Audit Qualifications for audit report with modified opinion submitted along with Annual Audited Financial Results Standalone and Consolidated separately Statement on Impact of A

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  • Risk based audit (RBA)

    Detailed approach on how to perform a RBA


  • Statement on Impact of Audit Qualification under LODR

    Under Regu 33 and 52 of LODR Regulations format of Statement of Impact of Audit Qualification


  • Disclosure of the Impact of Audit Qualifications by the List

    SEBI has put in place a mechanism to review the audit qualifications contained in the audit reports of the listed entities The detailed procedure for the same has been prescribed in Schedule VIII read with Regulation 33 and Regulation 52 of the SEBI Listing and Other Disclosure Requirements Regulations 2015 Listing Regulations and SEBI circular no CIR CFD CMD 15 2015 dated November 30 2015


  • Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2016

    Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Amendment Rules 2016


  • Revised Schedule III in excel

    format of financial statements of a company required to comply IND AS


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Setting aside the 'bad insurance policy' is a good investment policy

1 What is a Bad Insurance Policy Did your last insurance policy assure you only insecurity after you bought it Do you feel that the insurance policy which you have just taken does not serve your purpo

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Incorporation of Company as per the Companies Act, 2013

At the outset basically the details of the Director s and subscriber s are required for the incorporation of the Company However the steps for the incorporation of a company as per the Companies Act 2

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Applicability of companies act, 2013 based on limits

Sr No Provision under Companies Act 2013 Applicability of Provision Non Applicability of provision 1 XBRL General Circular No 16 2012 Dated 06 07 2014 a All companies LISTED with any Stock Exchange s

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How GST will be helpful to companies & General Impact of GST

How GST will be helpful to companies Indias Economy GST will be helpful to eliminate the taxation problem at the root level and give a big boost to the e commerce sector that is still at a crescent st

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Cost sharing by companies and service tax

Background A group company could procure resources such as server space software licenses office space and various other facilities from vendors When a company say Co Aof Karnataka procures such resou

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