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Draft GST law released by Ministry of Finance

GOODS AND SERVICES TAX ACT 2016 CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY 1 Short title extent and commencement 2 Definitions 3 Meaning and scope of supply CHAPTER II ADMINISTRATION 4 Classes of officers under the Centra

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Annual conference of CBDT and CBEC on 16th June

Prime Minister to inaugurate the two day Annual Conference of CBDT CBEC entitled Annual Conference of Tax Administrators 2016 on 16thJune 2016 in the national capital PM to motivate the revenue office

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Simplification of procedure for Form 15G and 15H

F No DGIT S CPC TDS DCIT 15GH 2016 174539 Government of India Ministry of Finance Central Board of Direct Taxes Directorate of Income tax Systems New Delhi Notification No 1 2016 Dated 09th June 2016

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Notification issued to exempt the legal services provided by senior advocates

Seeks to amend notification No 25 2012 Service Tax dated the 20th June 2012 so as to exempt the legal services provided by senior advocates to a business entity with a turnover up to rupees ten lakh i

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Relaxation of MCA additional fees and extension of time for filing of eforms

Circular No 07 2016 F No MCA 21 33 2016 e Gov cell Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs 5th Floor A Wing Shastri Bhavan Dr R P Road New Delhi 110001 Dated 30 05 2016 All the Regional Dire

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Form 15 ca and 15cb

HI I need reference book relating to recent DTAA and 15 CA 15 CB with detailed guidelines kindly suggest which book should buy

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Section 194da

In the above section now many persons receiving the amount deducting tax from Insurance companies I want to know how can we show the amount received by way of maturity sum including the sum we remitte

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Section 185

If a listed Co give guarantee to another company and after few months the director of guarantee Co become director in guarantor Co whether it is voilation of Section 185

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Declaration u/s 194c (6)

How to deal of declaration received from transporter when we paid freight more then 35000 rs in a single bill

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Correction in c form allready issued

dear sir how to rectified tin no in c form already issued under gujarat vat online in these case we have issued addtional c form online

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194-a in 26 as traces

Hello While I am going to submit my efile return for the assesment year 2016 2017 financial year 2015 2016 I find some figure in this section 194 a I attached one screenshot to view this one Please vi

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Service tax excel format

Is there any standard format for Service Tax Calculation

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Soft copy of list of relative as per companies act, 2013

List of relatives

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Tds-form 15g

Dear Sir madam I have to submit my form 15G to the additional commissioner of income tax i m deductor Is there any format to write a letter while submissions of such forms If yes can anyone send me th

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Dir-12 board resolution

Dear Sir We have uploaded form DIR 12 Appointment of Additional Director with attachment of Board Resolution We made typing mistake of company name in the board resolution CERTIFIED TRUE COPY OF THE R

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  • GST Model June 2016




    New Goods and Service Tax Power Point Presentation


  • Official Draft Model GST Law

    Realsed on 14 06 2016


  • Handbook on GST - 3rd Edition

    Model GST law has been put in the public domain on 14 June 2016 The Model GST Law is a 190 pager document containing more than 162 sections four schedules and Valuation Rules In this regard please find attached 3rd Edn of our e book on GST 837 pages which contains Provisions of Model GST law IGST Act GST Valuation Rules etc Analysis of various aspects of GST Links to our GST videos etc


  • Draft GST law uploaded on Finance Ministry's site

    Draft GST law uploaded on Finance Ministry s site


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IND AS - 10 events after the reporting period

Before going through the aforementioned Ind AS it is very crucial to understand its nomenclature and reason for its existence Ideally transactions relating to relevant Reporting Period are recorded in

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10 Practical Tips for Early and Wealthy Retirement

Do you dream to say Sayonara to your daily nine to five schedule and see the world before you actually turn 60 How do plan to fulfill such a beautiful dream of your life How do you interpret to see yo

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Professional Tax Enrolment Amnesty Scheme 2016 - Salient Features

The Government observed that many persons firms companies societies institutions etc have not obtained enrolment certificate and are not paying profession tax The Act provides for levy of penalty on s

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Income tax return forms

Various queries arises during filing of Income tax return such as Which form is to be used for me for filing my income tax return for better clarification of doubt on such issue here I am listing out

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Now everyone has to pay 1st installment of advance tax before 15th June!

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna It is said that from now onwards everyone will have to pay 1stinstallment of advance Income tax before 15thJune To whom how and when will this advance tax provision

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