alteration of object clause


Ceiling limit of 20 statutory audit increased

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued Notification dated June 5 2015 exempting the maximum ceiling of 20 companies as provided in clause g of sub section 3 of Section 141 of the Companies Act 2013

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Penalty for companies without women director

CIRCULAR CIR CFD CMD 1 2015 April 08 2015 The Managing Director Executive Director All recognised Stock Exchanges Dear Sir Madam Subject Fine structure for non compliance with the requirement of Claus

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ICSI prepares panel of female CS for appointment of woman director

ALL FEMALE COMPANY SECRETARIES Sub Appointment of Women Directors compliance with clause 49 II A 1 of Listing agreement and Section 149 of Companies Act 2013 Dear Professional Colleagues As you are we

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ICSI urges its members to apprise their BOD to appoint one woman director

Appointment of Women Directors compliance with clause 49 II A 1 of Listing agreement and Section 149 of Companies Act 2013 Dear Members As you are well aware that SEBI vide its circular dated 17th Apr

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Corporate Governance in listed entities - Amendments to Clause 49 of the Equity Listing Agreement

CIRCULAR CIR CFD POLICY CELL 7 2014 September 15 2014 To All Recognised Stock Exchanges Dear Sir s Madam s Sub Corporate Governance in listed entities Amendments to Clause 49 of the Equity Listing Agr

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Witness clause of new company act 2013

Dear Experts Provide me the witness clause of new companies act 2013 i m already submitted but they reject my ROC form for the reason your witness clause is not proper as per cos act 2013 kindly provi

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Change clause-v of moa

I had filed wrong information of a company in MOA of the Company while incorporation error was I wrote in the Clause V of Moa Authorised Capital is Rs 15 00 000 instead of Rs 1 00 000 Actual Authorise

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Multiple objects for a company

Hello Experts I have a question related to the MOA that needs to be created before incorporating a company Can a company have more than one object For eg a company engaged in trading of goods import e

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Alteration of article

if alteration of AOA made by passing special resolution in general meeting but not resolution in board meeting whether altrearion of AOA is valid

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Alteration of articles

If a Company reclassifies its Capital clause does it have to adopt an entire new set of Articles as per CA2013 Also in this case is Form SH7 required to be filed Thanks Amruta

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Alteration of object clause

I have filed MGT14 for changing object clause I want to know that within how many days ROC certifies the registration in general

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Pursuance of ancillary object under companies act , 2013

A listed company whose main object is into Distribution of IT related Product Now the Company wants to Act as a commission agent which was already their in the Ancillary object Do the Company required

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Alteration of aoa

I am in process of altering the articles of a company rather pvt ltd co I have one query that as per co amendment act 2015 there are various changes so can I keep the clause related to common seal int

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Clause 5 of part 1 of schedule 1 of the ca act,1949

As perClause 5 of Part 1 of Schedule 1 of The Chartered AccountantsAct 1949 a Can a Practicing Chartered Accountant hire an employee just to secure a good client base b Will a PCA be guilty if he secu

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Adoption of other object as main object in moa

Dear Member Kindly clarify whether for adoption of Other objects as Main object in Memorandum of Ass doesit require Ordinary Resolution of members or SR is there any circular clarification from MCA in

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  • Help Book for CARO, 2015

    This is a file compiled from ICAI Guidance Note on CARO and MCA Notification Issued on CARO 2015 to help in the reporting of Clauses of CARO 2015 in Auditor s Report


  • CFO certification format

    As required under Clause 49 Listing Agreement


  • CARO 2015 - Clause wise Comparison with CARO 2003

    CARO 2015 Clause wise Comparison with CARO 2003


  • CARO 2015 Clause Wise Comparison

    After a long wait MCA has notified the Companies Auditor s Report Order 2015 CARO on 10th April 2015 There was a lot of debate amongst professionals as to whether CARO will be applicable for the audit of the financial year 2014 15 MCA has finally ended the debates by notifying CARO For ease of understanding I have prepared Clausewise Comparison of CARO 2015 vis a vis CARO 2003


  • Professional Ethics clauses summary

    A Quick Revision of Schedules to The Chartered Accountant Act 1949


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Subsidiaries under Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement

UNDERSTANDING IMPLEMENTING LAW OF SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES UNDER REVISED clause 49 of listing agreement BACKGROUND In view of Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement regarding good corporate governance it beco

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Expulsion - Clauses

AS PER PARTNERSHIP ACT 1932 Section33 EXPULSION OF A PARTNER 1 A partner may not be expelled from a firm by any majority of the partners save in the exercise in good faith or powers conferred by contr

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Clause by Clause Analysis of Service tax in Budget 2015

Changes in Finance Act 1994 Service Tax Rules 1994 Exemption Notification Reverse Charge Mechanism Abatement Provisions Miscellaneous Provisions To read the full article Click Here

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How can financial applications help in achieving business objectives?

General perception is that Financial Applications are mainly meant for book keeping and that they do not have much relevance from business perspective Probably this was true decades ago when accountin

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How to Purchase house in USA- Legal Provisions & clauses?

How to Purchase house in USA Legal Provisions clauses For Indian Resident Q1 Who is Indian Resident RBI clauses applicability Ans The conditions for a person to be resident of India are as follows und

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