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Due date of filling of e-forms 23AC(Non-XBRL) and 23ACA (Non XBRL) has been extended to 24.11.2012 without additional fees

Due date of filing of e forms 23AC Non XBRL and 23ACA Non XBRL as per new schedule VI applicable for the accounting year commencing on or after 1 4 2011 has been extended upto 24 11 2012 for Companies

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Conducting of AGM by Companies

The Companies Act 1956 prescribes filing of a copy of the Balance Sheet and Annual Report after the AGM has been conducted with the concerned Registrar of Companies There is no requirement under the C

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ICAI Doha Chapter elects new managing committee

DOHA Members of the Doha Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI elected the new Managing Committee for the year 2011 2012 at their recently held 30th Annual General Meeting AG

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MCA Video Conferencing for AGMs

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has recognized participation by shareholders in the Annual General Meetings under the Companies Act 1956 for all companies through video conference Vide Circular date

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Providing Gifts to the shareholders during Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Company

Draft Circular F No 17 218 2011 CL V Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs CL V Section 5th Floor A Wing Shastri Bhavan Dr R P Road New Delhi Dated July 2011 All Regional Directors All Reg

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Extension of finacial year and holding of agm

Dear All The last Agm ofthe company was convened and hold on 15th October 2012 for the shorter FY of 6 month i e from 1st April till septmebr 2012 The Company on the advice of one PCS has extended the

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Urgent query regarding agm date in case of adjournment agm

What will be the AGM date for Annual Return and Annual e forms incase of Adjournment of AGM due to lack of quorem a Original AGM Adjourned b Subsequent AGM

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Agm : compounding of offences

Dear Sir Mam The client company s due date was 30 9 2012 for holding AGM which has elapsed For this it has not pre intimated ROC Therefore it has commited an offence under Sec 166 Now pls tell me the

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Agm notice to shareholders outside india


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Place of agm

Hi everyone Can a Pvt Ltd subsidiary company of a foreign company can conduct AGM in India Through video conferencing or some other mode 100 shares are held by 2 foreign company Thank you Shahad CA Fi

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  • Checklist for AGM

    i want a checklist for agm


  • AGM Notice- Specimen

    Specimen of AGM Notice is give in this file


  • Notice of the First AGM

    AGM Notice


  • AGM can be held on Sunday : 3 Cases



  • Draft Reply to ROC on holding AGM on Sunday



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Adjournment of agm

I have a confusion which date should be mention on annual return and annual filing forms in case of adjourned meeting Original AGM date Adjourned or subsequent AGM date

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Proxy at agm

please let me known that can a director be appointed as a proxy on behalf of its family members or relatives please reply its urgent

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Date of agm

Dear Expert If a Company incorporated on 09 03 2012 than what should be date of first AGM and Fiancial Year

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A Pvt Ltd Company had held its AGM on 30th Sept 2012 which was a Sunday While fixing the date of the meeting they did not check that it was a Sunday After filing the Returns with the McA they received

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Agm dates

Respected Sir Mam i have incorporated my pvt co on 20 02 2011 but till now i have not appointed an auditor i have my b s for the period 20 02 2011 to 31 03 2012 1 04 2012 to 31 03 2013 is this correct

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AGM can be held on Sunday

Vide letter No 8 5 1669 65 PR dated 21 1 1963 AGM can be held on Sunday in certain cases CA Nitesh More AGM CAN BE HELD ON SUNDAY CASE 1 YES ADJOURNED AGM CAN BE HELD ON SUNDAY CASE 2 YES AGM CAN BE H

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First Financial Year of a company and the first AGM Issues involved

Usually financial year of a company consists of 12 months However in some cases it may not be so In case of newly incorporated company financial statements have to be prepared from the date of incorpo

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Time Managment Tips for CA Students

How do you manage your time 1 Always define your objectives as clearly as possible Do you know what marks a successful man from unsuccessful ones Successful man knows where he has to go He has a desir

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Procedure_appointment of auditors at AGM

Checklist for Appointment of Statutory Auditors in the New Scenario Step What to do Deadline 1 Send notice of Annual General Meeting along with Annual Report for the Financial Year ending 21 clear

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Pragmatic Approach to Exempt Serv. under Common Input Serv.

This article appeared in Service Tax today Volume 13 Part 4 Page No 88 Budget 2008 Pragmatic Approach to Exempt Services under Common Input Services By CA Pradip R Shah e mail pradip shah vsnl com Int

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