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advanced management accounting theory notes


Synchronisation of financial accounting year with calendar year

Government has constituted a Committee to examine the desirability and feasibility of having a new financial year and give its recommendations by 31st December 2016 The terms of reference ToR of the C

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Applicability of Amendments for Nov 2016 Final Exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2016 Final Examination Paper 1 Financial Reporting I Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial State

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Applicability of Amendments for IPC Nov 2016 Exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2016 Intermediate IPC Examination Paper 1 Accounting Accounting Standards AS 1 Disclosure of Accounting Policies AS 2

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Non applicability of MCA amendments in Nov 2016 CA Exams

Non applicability of Amendments made by MCA in the Companies Accounting Standards Rules 2006 and Companies Indian Accounting Standards Rules 2015 for November 2016 Examination Any new AS or Ind AS or

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GMCS course discontinued and merged with Orientation programme

The Council has decided to dispense with the General Management and Communication Skills GMCS I Course and merge its syllabus with Orientation Programme Hence forthwith it will be known as Orientation

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Accounting treatment in case of export

Dear Sir While doing export when accounting treatment should be given in books of account and which exchange rate should be considered Rate issued by CBEC or RBI for accounting treatment Regards Mitul

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Advanced acconting

What is the percentange of weight of intangible asset in the case of banking companies to make a provision for risk adjusted asset

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Notes of ipcc group ii

Please send IPCC notes of group II

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Dear Sir I want to know if a CA INTER providing accounting service to different client and receiving amount as per total no of visit in a month Under which section TDS will be deducted for amount paid

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Accounting of epcg benefit

How the benefit of duty availed under EPCG scheme is to be shown in books of accounts

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Tds on credit notes

We have various incentive schemes to the dealers monthly quarterly annual to step up sales at dealers point After the scheme period is over based on dealer s performance we issue credit notes to the d

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Accounting technician course

Dear Friends I would like to know whether a Student can do the ATC training outside India Thanks and Regards

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Accounting treatment for construction business

an assessee having 1st year of business purchase land and started construction on that at the year end 31st march 2016 work in progress and not any block or flat is sold so that whats account treatmen

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Group for examining the positioning of Accounting Technician Course

No M 626 2016 27th July 2016 ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL Madam Dear Sir The President in terms of the authority given to him by the Council at its 351st meeting held on 12th February 2016 has constitut

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Applicability of accounting standard

Is every accounting standard is applicable on every company

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  • BSCM Notes for CMA Final (Bus. Str. Part only)

    Contains extracted summary points chapterwise


  • SPM Notes for CMA Final 2012 Syllabus - Part 2

    Strategic perf mgmt note covering imp points May not be exhaustive but will give u an overall idea


  • SPM Notes for CMA Final 2012 Syllabus

    Simple strategic perf mgmt notes


  • ISMA Newsletter July 2016

    July 2016 issue of the newsletter of Indian Society of Management Accountants ISMA


  • Management Representation Letter for Signature of MGT7 Form



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How healthy your personal finance management is?

Like how we take care of our physical health through periodic check ups inspecting the financial health from time to time is very important We tend to look at what we eat how we keep our lifestyle in

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Expense Management : Why Automation is Necessary

Expense management is the management of all the company spends This includes both short and long duration tasks like procurement raw materials office supplies infrastructure needs digital spends marke

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Full CPT revisionary notes applicable for June 2016 exams

Accounting An Introduction Meaning and Scope of Accounting Transaction is used to mean a business performance of an act an agreement while event is used to mean a happening as a consequence of transac

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NPA Management

In current era the word NPA is well heard or well read by us The banking industry is facing high NPA problem which leads to downtrend of profitability In this article we shall try to understand NPA me

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Revisionary notes on IT (CA-IPCE) for May 2016 Exams

Unit 1 Business Process Management IT From a business perspective A process is a coordinated and standardized flow of activities Performed by people or machines Which can traverse functional boundarie

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