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Allowing students to shift from one Elective Paper to another Elective Paper

Under the Revised Scheme of Education and Training Electives have been introduced at the Final level in the following areas Global Financial Reporting Standards International Taxation Financial Services Capital Markets Risk Management Economic Laws Multidisciplinary Case Study Students are required

14th National Awards for Excellence in Cost Management

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India a premier Cost and Management Accounting body instituted the National Awards for Excellence in Cost Management in the year 2003 to recognize and honour organizations which have succeeded through efficient and innovative approaches in cost management Partici

Discontinuation of some of the Post Qualification Courses for ICAI Members

The post qualification courses for members conducted by ICAI include the following Management Accountancy Course MAC Tax Management Course TMC Corporate Management Course CMC and International Tax Laws and World Trade Organisation Course ITL WTO Examinations in respect of the above mentioned post qu

Disclosure of specified bank notes in auditor's report

Regarding disclosure requirement and reporting requirement in the Auditors Report that the company has provided requisite disclosures in its financial statements as to holdings as well as dealings in Specified Bank Notes during the period from 8th November 2016 to 30th December 2016 We would like to

Govt to conduct trials with plastic banknotes

Government to conduct field trial with plastic banknotes at five locations of the country Approval for procurement of plastic substrate and printing of bank notes of Rs 10 denomination on plastic banknote substrates conveyed to RBI It has been decided to conduct a field trial with plastic banknotes

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Accounting entries under RCM for GST

what should be accounting entries under RCM for GST and when I will take the Input Credit it

Service accounting code for guest house with lunch facility

Hello Sir Madam A company has a guest house in which it also provides food if required by guests The rent of the guest house ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 per day Please let me know Whether there will be a single Service Accounting Code or two separate Service Accounting Codes one for accommodation

GTA Accounting Entry Under GST RCM

Please suggest How to Make Account Entry of GTA under GST

Services of management consultancy to different states

If I provide Management consultancy and commercial coaching services to various states but dont have any fixed establishment in any of the state other than Maharashtra where I have obtained GST registration Whether I am liable to register seperately in every state OR Single registration will do if I

how to maintain trade business accountings

maintain book keeping


how to writing theory paper for hindi medium in final exam??

hello sometime medium may be reason of failure i don t know how to writing in exam if i have chosen hindi medium because i am studying all notes and books in english language

Accounting of fixed deposits

Fixed deposit of 2 00 000 rupees deposited on 16 03 2016 was not shown in balance sheet as on 31 03 2016 Can we show it for the year ending 2017 March Read more at http www caclubindia com forum details asp mod id 39589offset 1

Accounting entries and heads creating

In journal voucher i passed entries like this please confirm whether it is correct or not 1 Provision entry is passed at the time of advertisement booked In tally journal voucher F7 Dr Sri Kanth A c 1000 Cr Advertisement charges received 950 Cr CGST 25 Cr SGST 25 2 In tally Receipt F6 entry is passe

Advanced icitss

HY Can anyone explain me the procedure to apply for Advanced ICITSS and do they conduct these course in Bangalore I have not done any course as i completed my articles long back If i have to take CA final in may 2018 what is the procedure What are the courses i have to undergo Thanks Indira

Guys can someone please provide me ISCA Notes of Amit Tated Sir

Guys can someone please provide me ISCA Notes of Amit Tated Sir for November 2017 exams that would be a great help cghosting365 gmail com9844958108

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Practical Aspects of Oppression and Mismanagement

What is oppression The term oppression relates to the affairs of the company have been or being conducted in a manner which is prejudicial to the interest of any member or to the public or members of the company or to the company itself Common factors for Oppression and Mismanagement There may be nu

How to apply accounting concept to our real life?

1 Substance over form If someone is doing something dont focus on what form he is doing always focus on WHY substance is he doing Suppose if the teacher is scolding you in front of all students dont blame teacher analyze why is he scolding me what will he get by scolding me he is trying to change me

MBA in Forensic Accounting

Everything you need to know about BML Munjal UniversitysMBA in Forensic Accounting With an increase in demand and supply transactions worth billions are made across the globe With increased revenues and higher prospects the chances of fraud and other such unethical activities have also skyrocketed c

New Lease Accounting Standard

The new ASU Accounting Standards Update for Leases Topic 842 under USGAAP has been issued by FASB For public companies the ASU is effective for fiscal years and interim periods within those fiscal years beginning after December 15 2018 Thus for a calendar year company it would be effective January 1

Hedge Accounting - What is allowed to be hedged?

In continuation to our earlier article on Risk Management Strategy vs Risk Management objectives let s understand what is allowed to be hedged as per the Accounting Standard WHY do we hedge Simple answer is to mitigate all expected losses or adverse effect on fair values of any balance sheet items e

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