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advanced management accounting theory notes


Results of CA IPCC May 2015 exam declared

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI established under the Chartered Accountants Act 1949 to regulate the profession of Chartered Accountancy It is one of the largest and prominent acc

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Insurance and risk management exams to be held once a year

Holding of examination in respect of the post qualification course in Insurance and Risk Management once a year in November In view of the low number of candidates applying for appearing in the post q

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Applicability of Standards, Guidance Notes, Legislative Amendments for Nov 2015 Final exams

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for November 2015 Final Examination Paper 1 Financial Reporting I Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial State

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Relaxation in the requirement of completing Advanced Course on Information Technology Training

ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ATTENTION OF STUDENTS APPEARING IN FINAL EXAMINATION Sub Relaxation in the requirement of completing Advanced Course on Information Technology Training For admission to the Final Exam

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Relaxation to complete Advanced ITT Course after the Final Examination

Relaxation to complete Advanced ITT Course after the Final Examination but before enrolling as a member of the Institute As per Regulation 29C 1 iv of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 studen

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Transfer accounting entries

Dear experts how i can make entry in the following case 1 ABC is a existing company and entries are posted in tally upto 31 07 2015 for Assets Expenses Sale Purchase etc Now a new company DEF Pvt Ltd

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Voluntary separation payments accounting treatment

Pls tell me the answer for the above question

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Changes in nov'15 in final fin reporting accounting standard

please somebody let me know which ACCOUNTIING STANDARDS have changes in them for ca final FINANCIAL REPORTING NOVEMVER 2015 I got to know there r changes in AS 11 AS 28 but dont now what r the changes

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Amendments in accounting since 2013

i am appearing for may 2016 ipcc both groups but have cds of praveen sharma sir of 2013 so i want to know about amendments since then

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Signing of management letter after statutory audit

How an Statutory auditor has to respond if the Management is declined to sign management letter after the statutory audit What is time period to receive signed management letter from Management after

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Exposure draft of the Accounting Standard for Local Bodies (ASLB) 2, 'Cash Flow Statements'

he Committee on Accounting Standards for Local Bodies CASLB was constituted as a separate Committee in March 2005 with the main objective of formulating Accounting Standards for Local Bodies ASLBs So

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Accounting for revenues from foreign freelancing company

I would like to know how to do accounting for income for online freelancers working with foreign freelancing company A scenario March 2014 I provide online services via a freelancing company located i

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Funds flow :financial management ipcc gp1

1 Source of funds means those transaction which causes an increase in Current Assets 2 Application of Funds means those transaction which causes a decrease in Current Assets an increase or decrease in

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A note on accounting for retirement benefits

Occurrence of corporate scandals involving financial and accounting frauds in India and in other countries of the world in the last few years have shaken the confidence of investors and general public

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Preliminary expenses,accounting and taxation

1 Rs 123860 Preliminary expenses incurred in F Y 2009 10 and 2 Rs 64156Preliminary expincurred in F Y 2011 12 Both the amount must be written off over 5 years as per Income tax But in Co they wrongly

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    Working capital management understanding and importance


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Strategic cost management - Innovation in sales matrices

In continuation to my previous articles on cost accounting profession I will be discussing about the new segment of strategic cost management where those cost accountants who are employed needto focus

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Know your Accounting Standards

Accounting Standard 15Employees Benefits Accounting Standard 15 issued by Chartered Accountants of India is mandatory in nature and has partial exemptions for level II III and Small and Medium compani

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Accounting of compensatory absences

Accounting of Compensatory Absences Leave Encashment Obligations 1 This note is an attempt in the matter of accounting provisions to be made in financial reporting of enterprises for Compensatory Abse

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Accounting as per AS 11 - A Special Case

Facts of the Case A foreign currency loan has been obtained by the company for financing Plant Machinery a depreciable fixed asset The principal portion of the said loan is fully secured by entering i

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Observations in respect of employee benefits in compliance of Accounting Standard 15

Observations in respect of Employee Benefits in compliance of Accounting Standard 15 made by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in their Journal The Chartered Accountant issue of December

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