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Penalty proceedings u/s 271(1)(C) initiated for black money stashed abroad

Concealment Penalty Proceedings U S 271 1 C of Income Tax Act 1961 Initiated in 128 Cases in which Assessments were Completed While in the Remaining Cases Assessment Proceedings are at Advance Stage I

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The Companies (Accounts) Amendment Rules, 2015

To be published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary Part II Section 3 Sub section i GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS Notification New Delhi dated 16thJanuary 2015 Inexerciseof the p

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Applicability for CA Final May 15 exams of Standards/Guidance Notes/Legislative Amendments

Applicability of Standards Guidance Notes Legislative Amendments etc for May 2015 Final Examination Paper 1 Financial Reporting I Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements

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ICAI's way forward for Implementation of Ind AS

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI notes with great pride that the Government has accepted its recommendations with regard to the roadmap for implementation of Indian Accounting Stan

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RBI urges to deposit all pre-2005 currency notes before June 30

Soliciting cooperation from the public in withdrawing these notes from circulation the Reserve Bank of India has urged them to deposit the old design notes in their bank accounts or exchange them at a

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Accounting the accounts

A person doing the proprietorship business for 5 months Then he close that business and start a same business in different RC How can I account these two accounts In the first business shall I transfe

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Treatment of service tax amount in books of accounts

as per rule if i deducted retention money against any bill then what will be the effect on service tax

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Books of accounts of llp

llp is maintaining its books of accounts at a place other than its registered office what is the compliance for this act of llp

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Notes to accounts

Hi experts What do we need to include in notes to accounts as per new companies act Thank u in advance

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Bank accounts detail in itr return

what will be the issues if all the bank account details are not disclosed if an assessee shows any bank account how will the IT department knows whether the assessee disclosed all bank accounts

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Audit & accounts

If two pvt ltd company having same directors shareholders Whether they will be considered as parent child under the second conditions of Co Act 2013 for a company to be called as subsidiary which is i

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Ca final accounts tution at dadar

Ca final financial reporting classes for nov 2015 by professor D N Naik at dadar portion will be completed in 3 months with revision and test series conducted after portion interested students plss co

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Partnership accounts

can anyone explain me the meaning of profits as per draft accounts This type of question is asked in IPC Nov 2014 accounts exam in partnership accounts where profits as per draft accounts are given in

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Ipcc query for parveen sharma

Hellow everyone I wanted to enquire about the aptness of the book provided by parveen sharma for ipcc group 1 2 in market under the publication of pooja law house Basically i have three confusions reg

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Ca final notes for nov 15

Preapare through video lecture of reputed faculties at home Save ur valuable time and money Latest Subjects available are of SFM AUDIT LAW ISCA CONTACT ME AT 7532853516 OR SEND ME A PM

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  • CA final Law paper 1-3 Chapters Short notes

    Selected Notified Defonitions Under The Companies Act 2013 Chapter 1 Declaration and Payment of Dividend 2 Accounts and Audit 3 Appointment and Qualifications of the Directors


  • CA final Law paper 1st 2 Chapters Short notes

    Corporate law Allied Laws 1 2 Chapters summary


  • Checklist for Finalisation of Accounts

    A complete checklist at the time of Finalisation of Balance Sheet


  • UP VAT Important Notes



  • CPT Mock test Accounts

    CPT accounts Mock Test with answer key


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Brief analysis on joint accounts & nominations for succession

JOINT ACCOUNTS 1 Succession of properties on death is a common concern for many Popular and common advice to a person is open a joint account or hold properties jointly to avoid harassment of successi

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Consolidation of accounts for private limited companies

It is believed that to get correct picture of financials of a business the financials of the subsidiaries joint ventures of the company should be analyzed together On this premise the concept of conso

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Books of VAT accounts

Books of VAT Accounts Sale book Purchase Book Tax Invoice Retail Invoice Challans many more to discuss 1 Introduction In general terms books or books ofaccountincludeledgers daybooks cashbooks account

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Companies Act, 2013- Sec 128 books of accounts

A Introduction 1 Section 128 of the Companies Act deals with the books of accounts to be kept by the company As per this section every company shall prepare and keep at its registered office books of

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Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani - CSR is it an Entry in Accounts or into Heart

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is contributing a portion of the profits of acompany for a cause after April 1 2014 it seems to be more by force that ismandated in Companies Act 2013 and may no lo

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