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ICAI - President's Message - May 2015

Dear Friends Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful said Samuel Johnson Chartered Accountants are traditionally known for their skill

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ICSI issues Secretarial Standards approved by the Central Government

CHIEF OF BUSINESS BUREAU ICSI ISSUES SECRETARIAL STANDARDS APPROVED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ICSI is the pioneer and the only institution in the world so far to have issued secretarialstandards TO BE

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Clarification on auditor report in respect of financial statements of a company


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CBDT notifies Income Computation and Disclosure Standards

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub section 2 of section 145 of the Income tax Act 1961 the CBDT has notified the income computation and disclosure standards This notification shall come into f

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CMA CFO awards and CMA Young achiever awards

CMA Awards recognize the significant contributions to operational efficiency Risk Management value creation Improving Corporate Governance and CSR and innovations in Cost and Management Accounting Pra

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Forensic accounting and fraud prevention

Hi Friends There is a post qualification certification course offered by ICAI on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Prevention Can anyone please guide me that what will be the scope after completing this c

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Accounting for sales on commission basis

I sell goods online through snapdeal flipkart etc I m currently assessed under sec 44AD Snapdeal issues me a monthly commission invoice I ve a few questions 1 Am I liable to deduct TDS u s 194H In my

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Accounting of stock items supplied to customers free of cost

Hello The situation is like this A firm is supplying soap dispensers free of cost to its clients so that they can make the client purchase soap refills from the firm The dispensers are already account

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Erp - qad accounting entry flow

Hi Experts Can anybody give me the detailed Accounting entry flow in ERP QAD i e MFG Pro Version EE Regards Kalyan Jadhav

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Trial production accounting

Date of Trial Production of a company 23 03 2015 to 31 03 2015 Date of Commercial Production is 01 04 2015 The stock that was generated during Trial Production till 31 03 2015 was sold after the comme

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Defer secretarial standards - says economic times editorial

Jun 18 2015 The Economic Times Mumbai Defer Rethink New Secretarial Standards The new secretarial standards which kick in for all compa nies save one person companies from July 1 are misguided vastly

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Job work accounting

I am currently auditing the accounts of jewwellrs problem is they send gold purchased from individual customer for job work but the entry made for the quantity only gold raw is credited but the amt re

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Accounting fees

How much acounting fees should I charge for turnover above 20 lakh firm

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Fixed asset - building value in accounting

I live in a Co op Hsg Society in Navi Mumbai The builder has not yet effected conveyance So far in our Balance sheets we are not showing the value of the building and hence no amortization entries app

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Accounting head for proximity identity card

Can anyone suggest under which accounting headthe cost of proximity identity card be debited Thanks in anticipation

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  • Changes in Financial Reporting & Advance Accounting

    Modification in the Syllabus of Accounting Papers and its applicability


  • Income from house property

    all about Income from house property in brief


  • Reopening of Assessment-Horrendous journey for assessee!

    This file contains the brief analysis on Reopening of assessment along with practical tax issues and riders One can found all recent rulings and relevant case laws about section 147 here A helpful guide for professionals


  • Brief Notes & Compliance Checklist under Labour Laws

    Sending you the Brief Notes and Compliance Checklist under various Labour Laws prepared for labour law compliance for my company In my views these are complete checklist you dont need to refer complete Acts Hope it will be useful for you Please find the Checklist attached herewith Thanks Regards CS Peer Mehboob M Com B Com Hons ACS LL B Mob 8447283435


  • RTP of Financial Accounting



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ICSI President on: Secretarial Standards, Secretarial Audit, NCLT and Scope of CS as a career!

Good morning and a very warm welcome to all the viewers of CAclubindia Today we have a very special guest with us CS Atul Hasmukhrai Mehta the President of ICSI India Sir its a matter of huge honour a

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Brief case studies on change in rates of service tax

Change in Effective Rate of Taxation Service Tax On account of some errands to be run which I have postponed for almost a year I find myself travelling today ie June2nd 2015 to Kolkata from Mumbai I w

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Social Accounting & its importance

Social accounting is a way of demonstrating the extent to which an organization is meeting its stated social or ethical goals Technically the term social accounting or social auditing refer to specifi

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Global Accounting Certifications and Career in Finance & Accounting Industry

CAclubindia in an interaction with Lucia Real Martin Director Emerging Markets ACCA Conversation with Lucia Real Martin Director Emerging Markets ACCA on career in Finance Accounting and importance of

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Income computation & disclosure standards

Introduction At present India is going through one of the major tax reforms In last two budgets our Finance Minister had introduce lots of things to make our economy globalize Income Computation and D

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