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Release of additional dearness allowance to central govt employees

Release of additional installment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners due from 1 1 2015 The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendr

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Relief to Members of J & K for payment of Membership/COP

The Council having regard to the devastating flood in the state of Jammu Kashmir in the month of September 2014 has decided that the membership fee and Certificate of Practice fee for the year 2014 15

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CBDT noticed 5,09,898 taxpayers have not filed ITR for AY 2014-15

CBDT has noticed that 5 09 898 taxpayers who have submitted an e return for AY 2011 12 or 2012 13 or AY 2013 14 Upto 20th October 2014 with returned Income of More than 10 Lakh or paid self assessment

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Increase in DA of govt employees

Release of additional installment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief to pensioners due from 01 07 2014 The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Naren

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Meeting of ICSI delegation with Shri Arun Jaitley, Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs and Defence, Government of India

Meeting of ICSI delegation with Shri Arun Jaitley Minister for Finance Corporate Affairs and Defence Government of India

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Relief u/s 112

relief u s sec 112

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Advance tax calculator

Dear members i would like to how to calculate advance tax

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Arrears of salary section 89

One of my relatives will be getting arrears salary in P Y 2015 16 A Y 2016 17 The arrears will be received in July August 2015 Since regular salary information for full year 2015 16 will not be availa

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would I be allowed to use a 14 digits calculator in cpt exam model DJ 240D Casio

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Section 89 of comapnies act, 2013

Which kind of declaration is reqd under section 89 What Does beneficial interest mean While preparing register of members what to be written in DATE OF DECLARATION U S 89 if applicable

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Rectification about relief u/s 89(1)

I have filed my one client return having salary income from HPCL for A Y 2014 15 and Claimed Relief U s 89 1 but while processing return by cpc relief Amount was not considered hence demand generated

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Relief u/s 90

Can anyone guide on the calculation of relief u s 90 for resident individual earning salary from foreign country with whom there is treaty Is entire amount paid as tax in foreign country allowed in In

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ICAI Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

Appeal to All members and students of ICAI The massive earthquake which rocked Nepal on 25th April 2015 has left more than 5 000 persons dead and rendered many thousands homeless The Government of Ind

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Depreciation calculator

Dear Member Required depreciation calculator as per company act 2013 in excel sheet format for computation of dep for the F Y 2014 15

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Cm relief fund donation

Dear Friends Our company contributed to CM relief fund during hud hud cyclone rs 2lakhs How can we prove the donation was given to cm relief fund and any certificate can be got from govt in this regar

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  • Transfer Pricing: Meaning of International Transaction

    Excellent analysis in Transfer Pricing Included with tax planning measures All the provisions illustrated for easy understanding


  • ICDS: A Threadbare Analysis with AS and TAS

    A detailed description on the ICDS and comprehensive analysis with AS and TAS Must read for detailed analysis


  • Reverse Charge Mechanism Updated FA 2015

    Comprehensive referencer on RC for everyone Updated with FA 2015 Concise presentation useful for exams too


  • Income Tax calculator A.Y 2014-15,2015-16 & 2016-17

    Income tax calculator Individual Company and Firm Following type income calculate tax 1 Salary income 2 House property 3 PGBP Income 4 Capital gain U s 111A U s 112 and Normal capital gain 5 Other source income 6 Agriculture income Interest calculate Under section 234A 234B and 234C also HRA calculation


  • Automatic Service Tax Calculator

    It calculates 12 36 14 automatically


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Calculator Trick - Helping in your academics

Hi Friends In CA exams we are allowed to use only a basic calculator and not a scientific one There are certain problems which we find difficult to solve on calculator Recently I came accross a forum

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Related Party Transaction under Co. Act, 2013 (Sec- 184, 188 & 189)

Section 184 Disclosures of Interest by Directors 1 Every Director Shall disclose hisby giving a Notice In Writing In Form MBP 1 At First BM in which he participate as director AND Thereafter At First

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Relief for Pvt Co - Advance Ruling Mechanism made available

Established under Section 245 O of the Income tax Act 1961 Authority of Advance Ruling has served as one of the most stable mechanism for tax planning and compliance for Non resident tax payers in Ind

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Directors Special: Section 189 of the Companies Act, 2013

There are around twenty one statutory registers to be kept by companies pursuant to the Companies Act 2013 All the registers records minutes books and paper documents etc herein after collectively men

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Mandatory Fixed Pre-Deposit: A sign of relief to Appellants?

INTRODUCTION Filing of appeal is a mechanism available to the assessees who are aggrieved by the orders passed by the adjudicating authority or the higher appellate authorities However mere filing of

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