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Mat on 80ic(2) notification no. 177/2004 eligible company

Facts of the case A Y 11 12 F Y 10 11 Company being a company eligible for exemption under 80IC Notification No 177 2004 notified industrial area Queries Company being a company eligible for exemption

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Query related section 80ic

under section 80IC if assessee claim 100 deduction as newly built unit for 5 years in himachal pradesh then after completing 5 years he took substantial expansion is he eligle for 100 deduction or not

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About 80ic and mat

we are working in income tax holiday area our income is exempt under section 80ic we are paying mat simultaneously please confirm whether how we can get back the amount deposited in mat minimum altern

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80ic deduction on hotel

Sir my client running a hotel industry from the year 2009 in Chamba district region which is notified for claiming of 80IC deduction we had claim 80IC deduction for the financial year 2009 10 onwards

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If a person has claimed 100 deduction for 5 years under sec 80 IC then if he does substantial expansion can he again claim 100 deduction

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Deduction under section 80ic

Is there was any circular notification issue regarding extension of deduction to 100 from sixth also for the unit established in state of Himachal Pradesh in the assessment year 2012 2013 or 2013 2014

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Deduction under section 80ic

Deduction claimed under sec 80IC of unit establish in Himachal Pradesh extended to 100 in the sixth year also on the basis of investment in plant and machinery is there any notification circular to su

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Year cont under 80ic

I had started a unit in SIDCUL on 30 03 2010 the last date of availing the deduction u s 81ic my question is F Y 2009 10 count in exmpection year as a first year or F Y 2010 11 first yaer

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No extension of due date in many cases(Sec 80IC,IE etc)

1 The Due date has been extended only for assesse who are required to file TAR u s 44AB 2 No extension of due date in the following cases hence assesseeneed to file its ITR by 30thSeptember 2014 a Aud

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Deduction u/s 80ic

a unit located in uttrakhand is availing deduction u s 80IC during the financial yera unit received interest on FDR whether this interst on FDR is Allowed as a deduction u s 80IC If the fdr is taken f

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