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Sir we are paying salary without any breakup Employee want house rent deduction u s 80GG Please explain with an example so i can guide him accordingly also i can take exect amount of deduction I come

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Dear Forum ers Lovely to be here I have a query in regards with Deduction 80GGC Is this deduction still active or has been removed In Regards with 80 C the Maximum you can show is 1 Lac but what if so

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Section 80gg

I am working for a finance company and processing loan applications and ITRs In some ITR s I find that after arriving at Income figure they deduct Rs 24000 under section 80GG Is this exemption availab

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Avail 10(13a) and 80gg simultaneously

Dear All I had a query regarding claiming the exemption of allowances u s 10 13A and Sec 80GG simulatneously What will the implications if suppose within the same financial year in foll 2 scenarios 1

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Hra v/s 80gg

Can I claim the examption of HRA sec 80GG togather If yes what are the circumtances where we can claim the both Thanking you

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  • Rent duduction U/s Section 80GG & U/s 10(13A)

    HRA duduction U s Section 80GG U s 10 13A


  • Income Tax Deductions Chapter VIA for individual - 80C etc.

    This file contains list of deduction available under Income Tax Chapter VIA for individual 80C 80CCC 80CCD 80CCG 80D 80DD 80DDB 80E 80G 80GG 80U 80RRB 80TTA S 24 Its like mini reckoner Please share your views if you liked for further improvement


  • Section 80GG - An overview

    My Article already published A pdf copy of the same for ready reference


  • Deduction for rent paid -Section 80GG

    Deduction for rent paid Section 80GG


  • SEC.80GG of IT Act.

    Deduction for rent paid by Individual Assessee who is not in receipt of HRA


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Deduction u/s 80gg

My query is can both husband and wife claim deduction u s 80GG Husband is self employed and wife is salaried employee They pay rent wrt to a rented flat where the rent agreement is in the husband s na

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Income tax act 80gg

Hello I don t receive any HRA from my company I am salaried I live in rented house and Licensee is me and my wife all together in Leave and License I and my wife dont own any house property in India W

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Section 80gg

Dear Sir i am getting salary only as basic pay and Conveyance should i get benefit of Section 80GG i am not getting any HRA Rs 2000 P M Thank you

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Sec 80gg


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Deduction under section 80gg

Can a HUF claim deduction under section 80GG The section states any assessee can claim under this section for the rental paid for the residential accommodation So can HUF claim under this section

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Most Ignored Section 80GG - Deductions in Respect of Rents

Section 80GG is a little ignored Section of the Income Tax Act 1961 This section provides deductions to those individuals who dont get any benefit of the amount paid towards rented accommodation by an

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Updated on : 6/19/2013 2:03:47 AM

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