Non-inclusion of audits under sections 44AD, 44AE and 44AF in the "specified number of tax audit assignments"

Clarification regarding non inclusion of audits conducted under sections 44AD 44AE and 44AF in the specified number of tax audit assignments In order to clarify the doubt raised by majority of members in respect of inclusion of audits conducted under sections 44AD 44AE and 44AF of the Income tax Act

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Sec 44ae

Please explain the term hiring or leasing used in sec 44AE of IT act 1961 Whether hiring means take goods carriage on hire lease or give goods carriage on hire lease how will be taxability on income of person who takes goods carriage on hire rent lease and who give goods carriage on hire rent lease

Sec44ae of it act 1961

if Mr ajay runs 2 truck one himself nd one driver appointed for carry goods and these truck are owned by her brother Mr sunil Ajay charge freight from concerned party for transporting the goods Plz suggest me whether Mr Ajay can opts for sec 44AE from financial year 2014 15 or otherwise I am confuse

Itr 4 for income u/s 44ae and two house property income

I am filing ITR in which there are two incomes One is u s 44AE and other is from rental income from two property Now ITR 4 is require to file No books of accounts are maintained So how to file these two incomes together in ITR 4 without balance sheet and profit and loss so that no defective return n

Itr 4 in case of income u/s 44ae and capital gains income

I am filing ITR in which there are two incomes one is transport income u s 44AE and second is income from capital gain Now with these both incomes ITR 4 is require to file Is it cumpolsary to fill balance sheet and profit and loss a c I dont want any defective return notice u s 139 Please reply Very

Sec 44ae

Can I give goods carriage vehicle owned by me to my friend by an agreement 5000 per month



Is there au andit requirement u s 44AB if Gross receipts exceed 1 crore and return filed under section 44AE in case of transporters ITR when filing is not taking return form 4S but beacase there is agriculture income of more than 5000 its taking return form 4 Please help urgently

Query regarding sec. 44ae

Dear Experts Please suggest I am having Sugarcane Transport service he is owning Tractors can i opt section 44AE for tractors

44ae- presumptive taxation

Ais the owner of 5 vehicles and he taken 3 vehicles on rent basis fromB Cis one customer ofA CapproachedAand asked him to shift his goods fromKolkattatoBangalore By using of these 8 VehiclesAshifted goods of Cand in returnAreceived 100000 Like thatAshifted goods ofD E Falso Total Revenue earned from

Tds applicable on section 44ae.

Sir My client will make a IT file by filling ITR 4s Section 44AE on his income of rent from hiring tata ace in a company Company is paying approx Rs 22 000 25 000 p m in cheque or on account Section 194 C or 194I will applicable on it Please guide me anyone

Service tax on section 44ae

Sir Any service tax will applicable for income from rent of vehicle who has 2 vehicle and adopt section 44AE as presumptive basis in ITR 4S He is receiving his payment by bank from company in his own name Trade licence also his own name Is there any service tax applicable on him Please clarify me

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Section 44AE of the income tax act

SECTION 44AE OF THE INCOME TAX ACT 1961 INCOME IN CASE OF ASSEESSEE IS ENGAGED IN THE BUSINESS OF PLYING HIRINGOR LEASING OF GOODS CARRIAGES Applicability This section applies to all types of assesses whether resident or non resident who are engaged in the business of plying Hiring or leasing of goo

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Updated on : 3/24/2017 7:58:08 AM

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