CBDT extends ITR Due date to 30.11.2014

F No 153 53 2014 TPL Pt I GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE CENTRAL BOARD OF DIRECT TAXES North Block TPL Division New Delhi the 26th September 2014 Order under section 119

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Guidance Note on tax Audit u/s 44AB of the Income-Tax Act, 1961 - Edition 2014

Guidance Note on tax Audit u s 44AB of the Income Tax Act 1961 Edition 2014 Detailed information has been attached herewith

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Revised Form 3CA-3CD & Form 3CB-3CD now available

Revised Form 3CA 3CD Form 3CB 3CD along wth updated with Schema is now available for e Filing Form 3CA 3CD Audit report under section 44AB of the Income tax Act 1961 in a case where the accounts of th

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Due date for furnishing audit report u/s 44ab extended to 30th Nov

F No 133 24 2014 TPL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE CENTRAL BOARD OF DIRECT TAXES Room No 147 B II North Block New Delhi the 20th August 2014 Order Under Section 119 of

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Clarification Regarding Applicability of SA 700 on Tax Audit Report under Section 44AB of The Income-Tax Act, 1961

As the members are aware that all audit reports in respect of audits of financial statements for period beginning on or after 1st April 2012 are to be issued in accordance with the requirements of SA

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Section 44ab applicability to airlines tickets selling agency

Is airlines tickets selling agency subject to audit on basis of 25 cr commission margin earned or 100 cr sales of tickets as trading business

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Which clause applied clause44ab(a) or 44ab(b)

Hi everyone I have one query regarding the clause 44AB A and 44AB B Our company is providing IT services out of India Our Total receipt is more than 1 crore It comes under the tax audit but under whic

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Regarding sec 44ab

Dear Friends Can you explain or provide me any case law regarding Activity of imparting computer training or educational coaching by employing faculty Whether consider as bussiness or profession

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44ab time extension

44AB Audit report filing time extension for AY 2015 16

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Require tax audit u/s 44ab or not

Hi Everyone Our Company has a gross turnover of Rs 60 lakh We do the tax audit or not Please clarify on this

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44ab audit

Commission Income on which Tax has been deducted by Payer U s 194 H exceed 40 Lakhs So is the assessee payee who has received this Commission Income liable to get the books of account audited u s 44AB

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Revised guidance note on audit under section 44ab

Can anyone tell me aboutRevised guidance note on audit under section 44AB of Income tax act

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Urgent:tds liability for audit required u/s 44ab due to 44ad

Hello everyone My client an individual had turnover of rs 65 lacs in FY 13 14 but he has shown profit less than 8 of turnover and got his account auditedu s 44AB now in financial 14 15 his turnover is

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Non filing of income tax return and tax audit u/s 44ab

If income tax return has never been filed even though the assessee is liable to pay tax since from last 7 F Y and since from last 5 F Y Including F Y 2014 15 tax audit is not done u s 44AB as turnover

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Applicability of tax audit u/s 44ab

Kindly suggest about the applicability of Tax Audit U s 44AB in a registered trust running a Public School having receipts over 1 crore but not exempted u s 12BA also which IT form wiil be used to fil

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  • MAT Provisions, Section 43B, Section 44AB

    This file contains MAT provisions Provisions of Section 43B and Provisions of Sction 44AB i e Tax Audit


  • Gross Receipt u/s 44AB



  • Extension of audit report submission

    Extension of audit report submission u s 44ab to nov 2014


  • Revised 3CD Report

    As per the notification to revise 3CD Report under Section 44AB


  • Form 3CB-3CD

    Audit report under section 44AB of the Income tax Act 1961 in the case of a person referred to in clause b of sub rule 1 of rule 6G


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Is there a need to apply Fuzzy Logic in sec 44AB?

Sec 44AA of the Income tax Act stipulates about the compulsory maintenance of Accounts by Certain persons carrying on business or profession and return their income under the head Profits Gains of Bus

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Understanding of 44AB -Tax Audit

Introduction The main objects of any audit are a To certify to the correctness of the financial position as to shown in the Balance sheet and the accompanying revenue statements b The detection of err

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Some lights on sec 44AA, 44AB, 44AD

44AA MAINTENANCE OF BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS WHO SHOULD MAINTAIN a If a person carrying on business profession and income from such business profession has exceeded 1 20 000 in any of the three p y or curren

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Audit under section 44AB

I have discussed the various provisions with respect to section 44 AB below The following persons are liable to get their books of accounts audited compulsorily by a Chartered Accountant 1 A person ca

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Section 44AB - What if ITR not filed by Sep?

Dear Friends Everytime the deadlines approches there seems to be a lot of confusion over if the penalty 271B for failure to furnish the Tax Audit Report u s 44AB The confusion appears to have arisen d

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