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Maintenance of books u/s 44aa

Dear Sir Madam While preparing the Tax Audit Report of one of our clients we are confused as to whether our client is required to maintain books as mandated u s 44aa of IT Act Our client is a trading

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Maintainance of books of accounts u/s 44aa

Whether partnership firm carrying on business and audited u s 44AB of IT Act is required to maintain prescribed books of accounts u s 44AA

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Book of account- section 44aa

Dear Experts My client is an Individual He was working with a MNC After retirement in FY 2013 14 he is has been kept on retainership basic He is being paid Professional Fee and TDS is being Deducted a

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U/s.44aa of incometax act

If an assessee have received Rs 850000 from labour charges provided by him for F Y 2012 13 Is he need to submit his profit and loss account in his ITR form or merely state the Gross receipts while he

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Are maintain of books of accounts compulsory u/s 44aa?

Hi to all A client have income from school coaching Gross receipt from them during FY 13 14 amounting Rs 715000 I want to know whether maintenance of books of Accounts compulsory u s 44AA or not Howev

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Co-oprarive housing society u/s 44aa

While filing income tax return in ITR 5 of Co oprative hosing society having income from its members and mobile tower which is to be considered income from other sources so my question is that is sect

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Applicability of section 44aa

Hai Dear Experts Are the four cases specified in section 44AA regarding maintenance of books of account are mutually exclusive If an assessee opts to offer 8 profit under section 44AD turnover below1

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Are clinical psychologists covered u/s 44aa

I have to file the income tax return of my client who is a clinical psychologist working on consultancy basis So I wanted to know whether my client will be covered u s 44aa and has to maintain the req

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Faq's on sec 44aa,44ab,44ae.

Pls check attached file for faqs on sec 44AA 44AB AE

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Query regardin section 44aa of income tax act..urgent!!!

hi i am filling itr 4 for one of my client thr business is reparing of trucks and othr vehicles and their gross income is 850000 but they do not have any proper books of accounts but nly a book of exp

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  • Faq's on sec 44AA, 44AB, 44AE



  • Faq's on sec 44AA, 44AB, 44AE



  • FAQs on Sections 44AA to 44AD

    Frequently Asked Questions relating to maintaining of books audit ceiling on audit 44AB applicability etc


  • Sec.44AA and Rule 6F

    Section 44AA of Income Tax Act and Rule 6F of Income Tax rules deal with the provisions regarding maintenance of books of accounts under Income tax Act


  • Section 44AA, AB, AD & AE



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Some lights on sec 44AA, 44AB, 44AD

44AA MAINTENANCE OF BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS WHO SHOULD MAINTAIN a If a person carrying on business profession and income from such business profession has exceeded 1 20 000 in any of the three p y or curren

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