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Maintenance of books of accounts u/s 44aa) & changing itr ?

In case of Non specified employees 3 Points are categorized for maintenance of books of Accounts u s 44AA 1 Gross profit if exceeds Rs 120000 in any of last 3 previous years 2 Turnover if exceeds Rs 1

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Books of accounts to be maintained under section 44aa?

If loss from specified profession is claimed under PGBP should books of account to be maintained u s 44AA And also is it liable to audit u s 44AB

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Audit query on sec 44aa for partnership firm

Partnership firm net sales is 15 lakh and before providing deduction in respect of Interest on capital and remuneration to partner its net profit is more that 8 but after deducting same it go down to

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Applicability of section 44aa & non account case in itr-4

Dear Sir I want to file income tax return in form ITR 4 My gross receipt from business is Rs 600000 and Income is Rs 284000 for f y 2014 15 Whether Section 44AA is applicable to me and can I file inco

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Cash flow statement - sec 44aa -sec-44ad

respected sir question very simple cash flow statement forms books of occounts or not as per deffinition of sec 44aa in my opinion cash flow statement which contains details of incoming and out going

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Is pharmacist profession notified u/s 44aa for payment/tds u/s 194j

if i hire a pharmacist on contractual basis in my pharmacy shop can i pay him deduct TDS u s 194J and issue him her FORM16A on quaterly basis will the same procedure be applied to data entry operators

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Requirement of maintenance of books of accounts u/s 44aa

my Query is that if a person following section 44AD of iT Act 1961 and his income is less than 8 and also his income is less than the maximum limit which is not chargeable to tax than is he required t

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Compulsory maintenance of books of accounts as per section 44aa(1)

Dear Members I would like to know if the provision of section 44AA 1 applies to Tax Practitioners non CA CS Can tax practitioners non CA CS file income tax returns under presumptive scheme 44AD and de

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Pgbp sec44aa

Limit of 10lakhs and 120000 in 3 preceding years for businessIs to be aggregated of 3 years or in any 1 year or it should be in all 3 years

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44aa profession

will supply of manpower services be treated as professional or business if it include supply of dancers dance director to production house

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  • Faq's on sec 44AA, 44AB, 44AE



  • Faq's on sec 44AA, 44AB, 44AE



  • FAQs on Sections 44AA to 44AD

    Frequently Asked Questions relating to maintaining of books audit ceiling on audit 44AB applicability etc


  • Sec.44AA and Rule 6F

    Section 44AA of Income Tax Act and Rule 6F of Income Tax rules deal with the provisions regarding maintenance of books of accounts under Income tax Act


  • Section 44AA, AB, AD & AE



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Some lights on sec 44AA, 44AB, 44AD

44AA MAINTENANCE OF BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS WHO SHOULD MAINTAIN a If a person carrying on business profession and income from such business profession has exceeded 1 20 000 in any of the three p y or curren

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