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43b disallowance


Expenditure upto 35000 in cash allowed to transporter

Expenditure made of more than 20000 in cash allowed to transporter Enhancement of limit for disallowance of expenditure made in the case of transporters Under the existing provisions of the Income tax

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Applicability of section 43b on md commission

Section 43b clause c states any bonus or commission payable to employee for service rendered My question is since Managing director is an employee of the company should his commission be allowed on ac

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Sec 43b

Dear Sir Madam Interest on Service Tax paid will be allowed as expenditure under Sec 43B or any other Sections Thankyou

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Section 14a disallowance read with rule 8d

Dear All One of my client is dealing in stock market as a trader and his main expense is huge interest on unsecured loan and income is profit from trading activity and dividend received from mutual fu

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Disallowance of service tax liability not paid u/s 43b

Is Service tax shown as Current Liability not paid within due date be disallowed U S 43B

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Applicability of s. 43b to unpaid service tax

Suppose a Company has not paid the service tax as at the year end and also before filing of return of income would it attract provisions of S 43B of Income Tax Act Further if this amount is undisputed

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Disallowance of expense for default in tds

Hello Once the expese is disallowed in computation for non deduction of tax or short deduction of tax whether TDS and subsequentlyfiling of TDS returns thereafter i e filing of return of income is req

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Disallowance itc under wb vat act 2003 for credit purchases?

dear members We would like to know wether ITC can be disllaowed on purchases whose payments are due please also let us know if the seller and pruchaser adjust the amount by way of debits and credits a

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43b disallowance for service tax

Hello I need your valuable guidance in respect of below issue Case Income tax 43B disallowance in case of unpaid service tax Snyposis Assessee follows mercantile system of accounting It has significan

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Statutory payment covered by 43b

Dear Sir i want to know that which statutory payment are covered in 43B section of Income Tax

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Disallowance for short deduction of tds

Tax to be deducted us 194J 10 is Rs 10 000 on Rs 1 00 000 and actually deducted and paid Rs 1 000 What will be amount of disallowance

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  • CBDT clarification on disallowance u/s 14A of IT Act 1961

    Expenses pertaining to exempt income are disallowed u s 14A of Income Tax Act 1961 Now CBDT has clarified vide circular dated 11 2 2014 that such expenses will be disallowed even if there is no corresponding exempt income e g dividend in a particular financial year


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Income Tax Act - 1961 Sec 14A disallowance

Introduction 1 Section 14A was first inserted by the Finance Act 2001 However same was inserted with retrospective effect from 1 4 1962 The inserted section reads as under 14A Expenditure incurred in

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Failure to deduct tax at source - disallowance restricted to 30%

As per the existing provision of section 40 a ia any payment made by way of interest commission brokerage rent royalty fee for professional services fee for technical services payment to a contractor

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Disallowance of input tax credit on the ground that seller is bogus or cancelled dealer- Part II

Another situation which in many of the cases under the Punjab VAT which dealers are facing is the disallowance of input tax credit on the ground that the registration of seller of the goods has been c

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Disallowance of input tax credit on the ground that seller is bogus or cancelled dealer

The system of VAT was introduced in the sales tax law to bring more transparency efficiency to remove tax cascading etc The difficulties which may arise in any system comes to picture only when the sy

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MTM Loss Disallowance - Another opportunity to revisit

Derivative losses or Mark to Market losses are known to be unreal or notional and hence the taxman hates giving deduction for them The focus seems to be on distinguishing oneself from the accounting l

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