FVU for Quarterly e-TDS/TCS with new validations released

A Procedure for preparation of return Deductors Manual for quarterly returns Dos and Donts for Deductors Collectors B Forms Form 24Q Form 26Q Form 27Q Form 27EQ Form 27A C The data structure 1 New structure w e f October 01 2009 File Format for Form 24Q 1st 2nd 3rd Quarters File Format for Form 24Q

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what is forrm 27a

what is forrm 27a

Uploading of 27a

Is it possible to upload 27A by using digital signature


what is form 27A

Fvu file and form 27a not generated in latest etds rpu 4.1

I am facing the above problem in filing of E TDS Return for Qr2 of F Y 2014 15 Is anybody facing the same validation problem Can anybody suggest for the solution

Tds correction type form 27a

I have a little doubt about tds correction form 27A i have paid 141000 as rent and i deduct 14100 as tds then i have paid int on late filing a sum of 280 in form 27A correction type c9 no of deducte party records is 1 amt paid is Rs 141000 and tax deducted column 14100 then finally tax deposited col


Section 27a of professional tax and 80dd of it act

Hi Please inform whether husband and wife both can claim exemption from paying professional tax for their disabled child under section 27A of professional tax act or only one of them can take Please provide link to supporting document Similarly can both parents take rebate inder sectio 80DD of IT ac

Form 27a from fvu

I had a FVU file generated from TDS e filing software but Form 27A is generated multiple times so the barcode on 27A not match with FVU Is it Possible to generate Form 27A from FVU

How to recover 27a if lost.

Sir please help me how can i recover 27A as i have lost 27A certificate for the year 2009 2010 and 2011 as i have to make a revise return please guide

Non generation of hash in 27a

Dear All While giving creat in recent JAVA RPU issued by NSDL the HASH number is not displays in 27A at left corner Without HASH number TINFC not accepting to upload kinldy put light on it

Generation of form 27a

Dear sir s i am using tin nsdls rpu 4 0 for preparing e tds returns After filling all the details challan details annex1 annex 2 when i click to create file only 2 files generates ie 24qrq4 fvu log and 24qrq4 txt form 27A is not generated what will be the problem Even no error log is generated

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  • Form No. 27A

    Form for furnishing information with the statement of deduction collection of tax at source tick whichever is applicable filed on computer media
  • Form No. 27A

    Form for furnishing information with the statement of deduction collection of tax at source tick whichever is applicable filed on computer
  • From FVU TO 27A

  • Excel based 24Q+26Q+27A with Master of Form 16

    Automated at a time prepare the 50 employees Form 16 with 24Q 4th Q 26Q 4th Q 27A for the Financial year 11 12 and Assessment Year 12 13 with automated amount to word convert
  • Form 27A


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