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Sec.24b/ 80c

Is principal portion of home loan is deductible under 80c if the house property is a let out property

Home loan deduction u/s 80c and loan interest u/s 24b

Respected Sir mam let me know maximum how much deduction is available against interest on home loan as per section 24 b

Interest on borrowed housing loan section 24b

Whether interest on loan taken for construction of First floor of a house eligible for deduction upto 2lakhs or restricted to 30000 Assessee has already taken housing loan for original construction of the house he has taken further loan for construction of first floor Whether the first floor constru

Home loan deduction u/s 80c and loan interest u/s 24b

Respected Sir Suppose a person having 2 home loans but he did not get possession for 2nd home for which loan amount is more Can he still get deduction u s 80C and under section 24 b for loan amount for which is higher in amount and for which he did not get possession

Home loan deduction u/s 80c and loan interest u/s 24b

If any person having two home loan and possession is not taken for 2nd home but for income tax deduction purpose he wants to take deduction for home loan for 2nd home as 2nd home loan amount is more Is it possible to take deduction for home loan for second home for which possession is not taken and


interest on home loan u/s24B

Hi an assessee had a self occupied house property and a home loan 2 00 00 limit of interest to self occupied property is only current year interest or both current and pre construction period interest plz tell me with explanation

Housing loan repayment deduction under sections 24b and 80c

There is an assessee who is having housing loan Assessee gets retired during previous year and currently his son making repayments paying EMI of the housing loan House is in the name of assessee only Can his son claim deduction under section 24b and 80C for repayment of housing loan Is there any way

Tax deductions under section 24b on house

I have invested in two flats through bank loan Following are details Home1 location Ulwe Navi Mumbai Loan amount 17 lakh single owner Possession due on Aug 2016 Home2 Location Ghansoli Navi Mumbai Loan amount 76 Lakh joint loan and owned between me and my wife Possession on June 2016 Even if I am pl

Int allowed u/s 24b

I have taken a secured loan of rs 20 lakh from bank for purchasing house against my fixed deposit 9 can I take benefit of rs 20000u s 24 b and rs 150000 u s 80c as in bank records this is secured loan not housing loan

Difference b/w sec 24b and sec 80ee

If interest on borrowed capital is allowed as deduction from income from house property Then why it is allowed as deduction u s 80EE Whether it amounts to double deduction

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