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Question paper ca final may 13

ASHISH posted on 19/03/2013 18:37:24


Hi Richa, you can find mock test papers published by board of studies of ICAI for our practise. Just visit icai.org and in BOS knowledge portal, you will see model/mock test papers. Select final and select respective subjects for which you need test papers. You can also find the seperate solutions for them there. Icai publishes 2 test papers per subject before every exams. You will also find seperate solution sets for each test papers. I am sure this will serve your purpose. You can check these mock test papers for 1st groups @  http://www.caclubindia.com/forum/mock-test-papers-for-ca-final-grp-1-241525.asp#.UUjO5xeBms0

And for 2nd grp test papers check @ http://icai.org/post.html?post_id=8324

Happy studying.

Good luck for exams.

Regards, Ashish Pathak.

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