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Life ..... steve jobs

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Education brings about two changes in Homo-Sapiens –
  1. Makes them a good human being
  2. Makes them a thorough Professional
With even Salman Khan talking extensively about Being Human, I would keep the First point for him & would focus on the second point. Let’s start with few instances of my life, which made me think over all this.
“I stepped in the gates of IIT Roorkee in First year with the dreams of becoming a successful person. But , I soon realised that success won’t come from text books or tutorials.
I went to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for Internship, and didn’t see any formulae being used in construction of highly advanced Test Beds for Sukhoi Fighter Jets. Rather what was repeatedly used over there was Common Sense.
Next year, I went to Canada in a research lab. Once again, I found the Common Sense, being extensively utilized in Labs, was missing from my text books & notes of our topper.
Lightning stroke me and 4 of my batchmates and we conceived TechBuddy. I tried reading text books of Accounting & Company structure in order to follow the company practices. But, once again, the practicalities I learnt while sitting with CA & experienced entrepreneurs never reflected what I earlier read.”
The examples quoted above are not unique and all of us have faced this dilemma once or more in our lives.
So, why is this Practical based approach missing in our curriculums? Why do we have blank faces when someone asks us about our Dream Job? What made Steve Jobs to Drop Out from his college?
Because, while sitting in classrooms, we don’t even have the faintest of ideas about what we are going to do in the Industry. And to make matters worse, we have ever increasing load of Grades & Certifications.
Do we see any ray of light beyond this dark tunnel? Do we see ourselves growing up and actually understanding what my Dream Job is all about?
The answers to all these questions lie in a collaborative education system, where members belonging to different professional backgrounds, actually are crucial members of the system. We need Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, Scientists etc. not only in their Work areas, but in our class rooms too. Not only to discuss their success stories, but to eventually take our knowledge level in the relevant dimensions where it is implemented. And that’s why meeting & interacting with different people becomes so much important in our life.
I hope once we can develop such a system where Text Books are just made for Libraries and Class rooms are blossomed with relevant Experience, we will have -
Steve Jobs who are not drop outs, but launching straight from the Class rooms.


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