27 May 2016 at 12:42

I have a query regarding creation of charge. A partnership firm was converted into company. When the concern was partnership firm it has taken loan.
Now my queries are :

1) From which date charge is required to be created ?
2) The limit under section 180 (1) (c) has been exceeded , when the special resolution is required to be passed?

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27 May 2016 at 12:32


I need a clarification regarding Sec 144 and Schedule III of Companies Act 2013.

As per Sec 144 of CA 2013 - Restriction of Certain Services providing by Statutory auditor. It's Includes Management Services also.

But, clause 5(1)(j)(d) of Schedule III of Companies Act contained Payments to auditor For Management Services.

If any contradiction will arise?

Please, give some suggestion behind this law.


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27 May 2016 at 10:21

I would like to know the applicability of revised schedule iii of Companies Act, 2013 for the FY 2015-16.
Whether it is applicable for all companies ?

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27 May 2016 at 08:55


We want to create llp in gujarat.

I have a question for stemp duty payment

Partners want to contribute 8000000 or 10000000

My question is
What is amount of stemp duty I need to pay for agreement?
If there any additional stemp duty for indemnity close?

If in future partners want to increase capital contribution then how stemp duty will be calculate for supplementary deed?

If partners want to increase partners installed of capital contribution then what is the stemp duty will be payable?

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26 May 2016 at 17:07

How much interest can a company pay on unsecured loan as per Companies act 2013 ?????

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25 May 2016 at 17:13

whether SMEs listed on BSESME are required to provide Evoting facility.

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naveen teli
25 May 2016 at 16:51

kindly provide extract of BR for approving private placement offer letter

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25 May 2016 at 11:56


I need help in making an amendment in partnership deed where one partner is moving out or resigning and introduction of a new partner. Can you please help me with a sample.

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rohit mundra
24 May 2016 at 22:44

Dear sir/ madam, I have one LLP, i want to increase capital by contribution other than cash (house property for office use). whether it is required to register house property in the name of LLP, by paying stamp duty? or only agreement with LLP will be sufficient to give effect?

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24 May 2016 at 17:02

Dear sir

please provide me the procedure for incorporation of ESOP TRUST by a private limited company

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