29 May 2016 at 23:02

Dear Expert, What is the meaning of Principle of proportional representation as provided for the appointment of directors under companies act,2013

shaleen kinger
29 May 2016 at 16:13

Please suggest! Thanks in advance! If A limited has 100% holding in B limited and 100% holding in C limited, and B Limited holds 51% shares in D Limited and the rest 49% shares are held by C Limited. Will D Limited be treated as wholly owned subsidiary of A Limited. ?? M sure, D Limited will be a subsidiary of A Limited by virtue of being a subsidiary of B Limited. But will it be a wholly owned subsidiary as well??

29 May 2016 at 09:40


A client approached me for liquidation of a company who had its pending annual returns since last three years. I took appointment after consulting the client about clearance of dues from the previous auditor. Since the client was getting penalised I took the appointment and filed the annual returns without taking NOC from the last auditor since the appointment was taken as effective from last year.

The previous auditor is furious now and want to take it to the institute, where did I go wrong. What can be a remedy now.


28 May 2016 at 23:37

Dear Sir, Can a private company be incorporated even with a nominal share capital of Re.1

akhil narang
28 May 2016 at 20:09

what is the roc fees for increasing share capital of company other than opc and small company from 5 lacs to 36 lacs ?

Prashant Kumar
28 May 2016 at 16:55

Which accounting standard to be followed either AS as per ICAI or IND AS or both

28 May 2016 at 16:30

can chairman of a meeting can authorise a compny secretary to sign minutes .........
due to medical treatment abroad

Sachin R Jain
28 May 2016 at 16:21

Say, the company wants to increase its authorized share capital as on 31.03.2014 (i.e As per Companies Act, 1956) but the same has not been filed till date with ROC. Now, while filing Form MGT-14, there is an error saying that we have to file Form INC-28. I request you to kindly guide me through the process of filing the above forms. And also whether I need to file Form MGT-14 or not since the event date is as per Old Companies Act.

28 May 2016 at 13:30

I want to appoint a director in a private limited company please some one revert me with whole procedures in this regard what form are required to be file with ROC and also send format of resolution as per companies act 2013

amit kumar
27 May 2016 at 18:49

I had filed the FTE form with balance sheet comprising of Share capital on the liability side & cash balance on the assets side. The form was marked for resubmission with the following comments "it is found that in the SOA current asset, loans and advances of Rs.2,72,980/- has been shown"

How can the balance sheet be nill, what should I put against the capital.

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